Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a morning

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I made this tag as part of the PSP group. The girl is what I was given ... I sort of like it ... sort of not! I'm in a nit picky mood when it comes to the tags I have been making. I really haven't liked many of them lately.

Thanks for the advice on refreshing the page when the error came up. I refreshed it 4 times but my old tag journal finally migrated with all entries, photos, and comments. It's the main one that I just didn't want to lose.

Nothing special happening today. Took DD to meet her riding instructor ... we sat waiting for 15 minutes after the pick up time. I finally told DD to call her instructor to see if she was ok. The phone rang a bunch of times then a very sleepy woman answered the phone. DD asked her is she was ok since she was 15 minutes late. Wanna know what she said? I'm in Seattle! She told DD that she told her that last week but I know for a fact that when I picked her up she told DD "see ya next week." I'm was mad that I didn't get to sleep in cause after staying up late watching the debate then all the analysis of it I was dead. The only good thing is thankfully I didn't take her all the way to the farm like I used too. I'm upset with the instructor cause who in there right mind tells a child & not a parent that they won't be available? Yes my DD is one smart cookie but I tell ya, she is in la la land when she is around horses. I'm the one who drives her to the lessons so tell me ... the parent what's going on! Am I over reacting to her not giving me the info needed or do I have every right to be perturbed at her being so inconsiderate?


Robin said...

Ooooh Emmi I love the purple background you have on here! Tooo halloweeny!

Joyce said...

I don't know how old your daughter is, but my granddaughter is 11 and she should not be given those instructions. She would either forget or get it wrong. So, I'm with you. The instructor should have told you.
Hugs, Joyce

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Man, that would boil my blood if I got out of bed and took my daughter just to find out the instructor was in Seattle. Ugh. I'm sure you heard her right. What a ditz! HUGS

just me said...

The instructor should have told you. I don't care how old your daughter is the parent should always be told too. I don't blame you a bit for being mad.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very nice tag. You have ever right to be mad, the instrutor should of told you. Alvia

Rose~* said...

Awww - cute tag, Emmi. Thanks for sharing!

ELLIE said...

I think the instructor should have told you since you drive her - or at least give your daughter a note to give to you....that is a waste of time and good sleep - LOL
hope your tomorrow is bright and better--take care of you