Thursday, October 30, 2008

Necessary Love

Snag only Please!


Yesterday was not very eventful, just an ordinary boring day. Sometimes those are the best days of all. =)

This week my son is doing reports on differnt events in history because he is a book or more ahead in school. Well, in the past he hasn't been very good at reports & hubby has really ripped his reports apart. He'll have to rewrite the reports several times before hubby says it's exceptable. This week however, son has written two papers ... both excellant ... hubby has been shocked, asking me if he copied from the book! Nope, he's tired of getting ripped! Anyway, I named this entry Necessary Love cause I truly believe God has laid his hand on my son to write better and then laid his hand on hubby so he can see the beauty in son'd writting. Hubby has praised son on a job well done & it has just made all the difference in the world to son's disposition. A little praise can truly carry us a long way.

Today I'll be preparing the Halloween treat bags for the twins. I'm hoping SIL keeps to her word and brings them by. I would love to take pics of them in their costumes. She says their going to be pumpkins ... my neice is going to be a killer cheerleader (or somehting like that). I'll get pics of her as well. I feel like I'm missing out on Halloween since my kids feel their to old to dress up this year. They just grow up so fast! Oh well, they did decorate the house which is something we don't usually do. I'll have to get pics of the house once it's all complete. We still have to draw the outline of dead bodies & splash the fake blood on the sidewalk. We have our fogger ready & this past weekend we purchased a stobe light to make it look even better at night. I'm not expecting a HUGE flood of kids ... we just don't have many young kids out this way & the ones we do have most parents just take them on post. Post is not only safer on foot but you get better candy & people don't worry about having something dangerous added to the goodies. Yesterday while we were at the commissary we found great deals on candy. A HUGE bag of snickers that sells for almost $5 at walmart for going for $1.50 ... then there were a lot of bags for only .50. I was ticked that I didn't have hubby hold off to buy the treats. Oh well!!! At least we didn't have to worry about there being no candy at all. =)

Ok, so that's all for me. It's after 8am and the kids should already be on their school work. I'm such a slacker today. I bet the kids aren't complaining though.

Have a great day!


Robin said...

GREAT deals on that candy! I am going to go check out our commisary today and see if we have any deals. Ours is closed tomorrow...can you believe it? Some big wig is coming on base and everything is getting shut down...roads, gates, etc.

Shelly said...

Congrats to your son on a job well done and to you as a teacher!! What a great idea for the strobe light and the chalk bodies!! I might do that too. Thanks for the ideas. Love ya and Happy Halloween!!

ELLIE said...

I am so glad your son is writing papers better - sounds like he has overcome a major obstacle there.
can't wait to see the pics - enjoy!!

D said...

so glad your son did such a good job and that hubby saw it.. bet you're proud of both of them.
great deal on the candy! I could go for some mounds bars LOL

Melissa said...

I love fwd to seeing pics

Indigo said...

Skye and I are going to watch horror movies all day and tonight. It makes up for not being able to do the trick or treating anymore. Instead of passing out candy, we treat ourselves (I've had one trick or treater in almost 6 years of living here)...Have a grand Halloween dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Joyce said...

Can't believe the deals on the candy. I too bought mine early thinking the prices wouldn't be lowered until AFTER Halloween. Oh well. Enjoy your Halloween.
Hugs, Joyce

Chrissie said...

That was a good deal on that candy. I hope your SIL does bring the kids by. I remember packing all my kids from house to house to all the great aunts could see them. Heck with all the family we didn't have to go door to door. I would make my route out the day before and call all the family to make sure to know that we were coming. They were all elderly and so enjoyed the visits and the kids made out because usually they were the only ones, but they'd get special stuff like caramel apples, popcorn balls, different kinds of snacks things like that.. not just candy. Usually everyone had them a nice little basket all ready and waiting which I always thought was so sweet. I miss doing that now. All our elderly have passed on, but I do think I am taking Kyan to the nursing home today because some of the residents want to hand out candy.
Take care, Chrissie

Terri said...

What a deal on the candy!
I bet the candy will be real cheap around here tomorrow...I am gonna start watching what I eat monday so i doubt i buy any...boohoo! LOL

Glad your son is writing better and your hubby recognized it...good for your son...

He does have a great teacher =)


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

You do such a great job teaching your kids, Emmi! I'm just in awe. It is sad when they grow up and don't want to get dressed up anymore. Holidays are just not the same. Hope you got to see the twins...HUGS