Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleep over Rant

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I'm so darned exhausted. DS wanted to have a sleep over but since I'm not fond of the kids parents & never know what hair brained scheme they will come up with I only agreed to the sleep over if it was a sleep over in the tent. I know ... it was cold ... well I should say on the cool side. I was hoping that they just wouldn't spend the night at all, but they did. I don't know when they went to sleep, I just know that I was to tired to hear anything that went on.

6:53 this morning my son comes into my room ... can I have breakfast now? Well, we have a rule in the house that you can't have food before 7am and nothing after 8pm. It's not because we don't let the kids eat it's that my son has this habit of wanting to eat every 2 hours. Doesn't matter what he's doing ... 2 hours roll around & he's starving, throwing a fit because I'm letting him starve. I let him know that it wasn't 7 yet but his little whining bit and me being awaken from my sleep told him to just eat. I hear them diving in to the pop tarts then in to the living room to play the xbox. I wanted to scream because the TV was just so loud. I got up & closed my door ... it was barely after 7 and I'm so darned tired.

I get up about 8 ... DD is still sleeping. I walk into the kitchen to get me a cup of coffee ... DH didn't make coffee this morning, he was running short on time. Well what do I see on the counter ... half a gallon of milk that's getting warm. The boys took it out but didn't bother to put it up.

Uggg, my son can be the most absent minded kid on the planet sometimes. Is it just the norm for a 12 year old? So I pick up the milk then notice the kitchen table is littered with trash from breakfast. I asked my son about it ... he said I'll clean it up. There was 2 wrappers out ... he had 2 boys over so it was obvious that the wrappers were from the neighbors, not my son. After he cleans the table he goes to his room then comes out with 3 used pudding cups. Evidently they had pudding cups as a snack & I was totally unaware of it.

So now I'm in a bad mood cause I can't keep asking DS to keep cleaning up the mess of the neighbor boys ... I just asked him to get his chores done & then he could go outside and play. He goes to his room for what I believe is to clean his room ... within minutes he emerges to tell me he's sick. SICK ... grrrr ... sick my frickin' behind. It's called staying up to late, getting up to early, eating way to much food & now wants to laze around the house doing nothing. I don't know whether to make him do his chores or not. I know he won't be having sleep overs with the neighbor boys for awhile. It's totally ridiculous that they can't clean up after themselves. My son's room is trashed, the back yard is trashed, the video area is all messy. They didn't put one single game away ... not one!

This may sound a little harsh but, Ya know ... I don't think I like other people's kids to much. I was always taught then when you go to some one's house you leave it the same way you found it. You're on your best behavior! A lot sure has changed since I was a kid! I tell my kids the same thing ... my kids are always praised by other parents but I can't return the favor to them cause their children are little animals.

Do you tell your children to be polite while visiting someone elses house? Do you make your children clean up after their friends? Photobucket <-- Snag Only ... thanks for listing to my rant.


Sugar said...

cute tags. :)
will be glad when halloween is over & those that have this bkground will be changing them, lol.
it's so cute but my eyes are so bad i can't read the font on them.
have a good weekend.

Joyce said...

I hear my mother echoing in my head..."kids now-a-days have no respect" etc, etc, etc. Or was that me saying that. No, wait, I think it's my daughter who says it.
Hugs, Joyce

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, seems our childrens generation of kids do not have manners and have no respect. My daughter got grounded for talking back to me and the way her friends were commenting about it, you think I beheaded her or something. Well the way I see it, they should be glad I'm not their mother. My kids say please and thank you. Clean up after themselves and pay the consequences when they step out of line. My girls also have to write by hand Thank You notes when they have received a gift etc. My own niece emails me to Thank me for gifts, I just find it impersonal. But that is just me. Have a great weekend! Take care, Karen

Melissa said...

ur right, thats just wrong. u dont go over other ppls house and mess up and not clean up, those boys are old enough to know better.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I always made sure and asked if my kids helped clean up when they went to other's houses. But when their friends were at our house, no way was the favor returned. They would trash the place. I would tell them to clean up. The friends never did so I would make my kids do it. If their friends didn't help, too bad. It would aggravate the daylights out of me. I know how you're feeling...HUGS

ADM DESIGN'S said...

They are old enough to know better then got to some one eises house and not clean up a mess they made or helped make. Alvia

Missie said...

You know what bugs me??? When Nicci's friends help themselves to the fridge and snacks without asking first!

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

When my son was in 5th grade or 4th can't remember I let him have a sleep over...we had 13 boys from school..the kids from across the street cause their mom aske and my brothers daughter who hung out with me...I must be missing cause there were 17 thankfully the neighbor kids got scared or mad or something and went was a mad house..but it was fun and they all still talk about it and he is in the 8th now..well now that I talked your legs off have a great weekend..Hugs,TerryAnn

ELLIE said...

I totally understand how you feel - the rule in our house is if you were having someone sleep over then you were responsible for them - so my kids made sure that their friends did not make a mess because they did not want to be the ones to clean up after them - it took a bit but really worked - otherwise you could not have them over again!!!
It seems that today's days and times - the same values are not upheld as when we were growing up - sad but true!!!
I hope you get some rest this weekend!!
take care--Ellie

Chrissie said...

We were taught the same and I always told my kids that, but you're right we've had some come over that just didn't understand rules because they have none at home. Needless to say those weren't invited over again. Glad you survived.
Take care, Chrissie

Christy said...

I'm catching up here, so I know this is late...but when the boys have someone sleep over, once they get here I bring them all to the living room and we go over the house rules, and one of those rules is to clean up after themselves, ask before getting food, no food or drinks in bedrooms, etc.

If parents can't manage to teach their children manners, they will learn to have them in my home or they're not going to stay long! I'm a mean mom and proud! LOL

I will say though that my kids friends are all good kids and rarely do I have to remind them of our rules.

The boys know the rules too when going to other people's homes and I always encourage the parents (99.9% are friends of mine) to tell my boys their house rules, so there's no questions.