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I Heart You

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Please be my Valentine

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Roller Derby Girl

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Butterfly Heaven

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Jean Style

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I haven't been doing much of anything. Had several errands to run yesterday when school was over & like wise today. Still need to toalk to the VA guy about my schooling but then I think ... do I even have time to go back to school? Will I really use what I learn? I mean I have gone to school for so many things & the only thing I'm doing is staying at home teaching the kids. Not that this isn't a full time job but I'm not using any of the skills that I studied for ... none! So what's the purpose. I love being a SAHM ... a Domestic Diva! I feel like this is what I should be doing ... tending to the house, the children ... the hubby! But I'll go ... hubby is so fearful that something will happen to him & I won't have any education to fall back on. I know he's right but I also look at it like this .. I have education under my belt now ... paralegal, fitness/nutrition certified, CNA certified ... all sounds good to me but he wants something more solid. CNA is a great job, well I should say rewarding but like hubby says, there's not much money to be made and if he isn't here I wouldn't be able to provide for me & the kids. I try to tell him I don't go through much money but he says I can't live like a hermit. I did while he was in Egypt ... I didn't see anything wrong with it. =} Oh well, I'll make him happy and go. Guess that's all for me today.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas, New Year & B-day with Twins

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I tell ya hubby cam ehome a couple hours early yesterday cause he was feeling so bad. He didn't wake up until about 7 last night, that was just to drink some chicken broth and some water. He took some more meds and by 9 was out again. We were relieved when he had a message on his phone that all flights had been canceled for today ... no one likes to work on Saturdays but the pay is good but with hubby being sick this was HUGE relief. Anyway, about 5:30 this morning hubby is rushing around like a mad man ... I said the hell are you doing so early in the morning. He says I'm getting ready for work, I'm late, I was supposed to be there at 5. I said we're you so sick that you don't remember the message that they canceled the flights for today? He said no I remember that ... unfortunatly they left another message to say that they were back on but I didn't get thta message until a few minutes ago. His phone is a weird one, he doesn't always get his messages at a normal time. I can call & leave 3 messages for him this morning ... 2 will get to him within a minutes time while he might not get the other one for 24 hours. It's weird! So he rushed out the door already an hour late for work ... he's the only one working the shift so I'm sure the pilots aren't to happy since they had to work today but even worse since they had to stand around a wait for hubby to issue them their air craft. Poor guy ... I know he's swamped right now on top of being sick. I hope he's not as sick as last night but I couldn't really gage how he was feeling this morning as he was up & out in less than 10 minutes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Where was I?

OMG, I didn't even realize I hadn't posted since Tuesday. Where did the time go? Good question. I guess I got into a new trilogy by Nora Roberts & I am having a hard time dragging myself out of the books. I started them on Tuesday afternoon ... finshed the first book, I'll easily finish book two before lunch & then start on book 3 probably right after lunch. It's the Blood Brothers trilogy ... very good if you like magikal books (which I do).

Anyway, yesterday was the twins birthday so I'll have to make up a little slide show so I can share how much they have grown. The theme was Thomas the Tank but I forget to get a picture of the cake. Maybe SIL got one & will share! I didn't have to deal with my brothers moodiness cause like always he wasn't even home. I could say that 2pm in the afternoon he would be working but the truth of it was he was at my brothers house getting his drink on. It pisses me off ... he could have been at home with his boys showing them how much he loved them but no instead he leaves his MIL to tend to the boys. My SIL was at work making a living. I bought the boys the same thing just different colors ... they got a rig that held a car, a sippy cup, and footie pj's. The grandma thanked me bunches for thinking of pj's. She said they didn't have any! I got them the really nice fleece footies ... my kids always loved them. Now I'm thinking I should have gotten 2 sets for each. But then my brother would have just thrown a big hissie fit telling me I don't need to be buying his kids anything cause he can take care of them himself. He's such an ars! Anytime I buy them something when it's not Christmas or their birthday he freaks out on me & says he thinks I'm taking pity on him. Ummm, I love his boys ... that's an auties job! Am I wrong? Aren't aunts supposed to spoil nieces & nephews? I mean my gosh ... I don't say anything when my brothers hand my kids 5, 10, 20 bucks here & there for no good reason. Oh well, I can't understand my brother, I probably never will.

Not doing much of anything tonight ... hubby is sick. I think he's got the flu or something. I was scared to sleep with him last night cause he was either keeping me burning up with his high temp body of coughing on my neck making me think I'm gonna get sick. I can't afford to get sick. Tomorrow is the movie our church is putting on. I'm so excited to see it ... Fireproof. Anyone seen it yet? One lady in church said it's an amazing and powerful. A movie that all married couples should see together. Tomorrow's viewing of the movie is just for the church & then Sunday we are putting on two shows for the community. It's free!! Plus we're passing out free soda & popcorn. I think it's so awesome & I hope there's a HUGE turn out.

I guess that's all for me. Have a blessed weekend.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Valentine's Day will be here before ya know it. I love Valentine's Day cause it's filled with so much love & romance. At least around here! I don't know if hubby has anything planned for us or not, he usually surprises me with something or somewhere. Anyway, keeping with my week's theme of love (unintentional but I'm going with it) I decided to do a Valentine's Day tag. Hope you like it!

This morning ... actually let me go back to last night. Hubby walks in from work we zoom out to meet with the VA guy ... turns out he was really busy so we just took some fliers to see what it's all about. Anyway, on the way home he starts telling me he doesn't think the security system is enough. I don't know if I told you all or not but the installer didn't but a sensor on our back door ... told us he didn't have access to it from the atic so we could either pay for a wireless or just keep using our dead bolt. Well, I guess it just really grated on his nerves over the weekend cause he was spit fire mad while talking about it. So mad that when we got home he started calling the offices of the sales lady, monitoring office, & even the instulation office. It wasn't until about 8 last night that someone finally called him back about it. He told the lady what was going on & she was fuming about by the time the conversaton was over. She set up an installer to come out this morning to rectify the problem if he could ... which he did.

The new installer was pissed that the last installer was "LAZY" as he put it. Said it wasn't gonna be hard at all to get the back door set up. Said it looked like he just didn't want to work with a snake tool to get the job done right. He said it wasn't even close to being the first time this certain installer did a half ars job with an install. Excuse me ... if this isn't the first time he has screwed up then why is he still working for the company? Just a though! Anyway, he asked if I had any questions ... of course I did have one major question. How do we set the danr alarm when we leave. Ya see we have been setting the thing but when we come home ... it's not on. Come to find out we have to set the thing with the door closed. Would have been nice to know that from the beginning. All is well now though ... no problems!

Ok, I'm outta here ... it's a beautiful day so I think I'm gonna take full advantage of it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wild About You

I don't know what it is about this tag but I just love it. It's full of romance ... at least where I'm viewing it from. With the tags I'm thinking of I believe yesterdays sermon really has me in the mood for love. Good thing I have an amazing hubby who is willing to comply with this. he he he

Hubby is back on 1st shift and the kids are back on their school. Son went through everything with little problems but daughter ... uggg, just like last year struggles so much with her math. I don't know if it's because she is scheduled to do a mountain of it each night or what it is. With this semester I'm bringing a new attitude and a new way of aproaching her math. I know she doesn't like homework ... one of the reasons she loves home schooling but with math she will just do half during school hours & the other half at night. It's the only way I can see her getting through it without frying her brain.

Today I'm heading the the VA office to find out about schools. Since hubby was classified as disabled the kids & I qualify for free college ... can't let all his pain be for nothing. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up ... he he he. Maybe I'll do book keeping! I'm pretty good at keeping up records ... maybe dad will hire me to keep his books. His girl friend can't keep up with them to save her darned life. Not from lack of trying though! Ok, well I'm outta here ... hubby is home & wanting to get to the VA office. Have a great Monday!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bridal Moment

I don't know what this tag is all about. Something came over me this morning though. As I listened to the pastor talk about the importance of a marriage and remembering daily the vows that one takes an imagine came to mind.
Our church is sponsoring a community event this coming Sunday based on saving marriages. We're showing the movie Fireproof to the community for free plus offering popcorn & drinks for free too. I haven't seen the movie yet but the pastor has been playing clips for the congregation for the last couple of weeks. I'm excited about it. I think I may have to bring my tissues though cause the previews had me a little misty eyed.
Nothing really new this afternoon. Just getting my kids & myself into the mind set of back to school tomorrow. I don't know if I'm ready for it though. I've sort of enjoyed not having to get up early & rouse them up out of bed. My daughter is the worst ... 10am is to early for her. I would complain & say I don't know how on earth she can do that but in all honesty when I was her age until the time I had my kids I was the same way. Don't know what changed ... maybe midnight feedings but now anything later that 8am is to much sleep.
OK, I'm outta here ... gotta get dinner going then kids in the shower & all that good stuff. Have a great evening.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slow beginnings

I'm just having one heck of a time getting back into PSP this year. Maybe it's because the kids aren't back in school & hubby isn't back to work yet. I'm hoping come Monday I will get back on track with playing around. I'm sure you guys are missing all the tags. I'm sorry for not putting many out lately.
Nothing major has happened since the first of the year. Finally heard from the lady who has Harley ... I basically sent her an e-mail saying she lied when she took him because she said I could contact her any time I wanted to check in on him but all my e-mails had gone unanswered. She said her computer was down that's why she hadn't gotten back to me but he was doing just fine. I'm hoping he's doing just fine cause I know for a fact she had access to e-mail cause at least 3 times a week she was making a post on free-cycle for something new. Now how can you post a need if you can't check e-mail? If your asking for something ... you get an e-mail response! Anyway, I'm hoping that he's truly ok cause her last request was for a dog house or dog fencing. I'm praying it's not for my Harley. He's not even 2 pounds ... his body just can't take the cold weather.
I guess that's all for me ... need to go get cleaned up. I think the family wants to get out of the house for the day. Guess we'll see how well the alarm system works. Don't know if I told you or not but over the holidays our neighborhood was burglarized (can you believe they did it during the day time? As close as 2 doors down even. My friends house at that!)... many of us had Brinks come put systems in. Ours went in yesterday. We've done the basic command but not while we're actually gone. Have to lock the dogs in the laundry room ... thankfully we have the doggie door for them & no sensor in their room.
Have a great weekend!