Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enlighten the Soul

This is a snag only offer. As always, the only rule I have for snagging is that you do not claim it as your own work. This was a challenge piece that I made for LilA's group last week. We were given a few photos to create something with & I chose this lady. I think it turned out pretty nice.
I've been super busy with teaching the kids and running errands when they are through. DH is still on nights ... only one more week of that crap. I love 1st shift, 2nd is bearable but 3rd is just a pain. Ran DD to her riding lesson this morning ... poor child is gonna freeze half to death if the weather keeps dropping like it has been doing lately. So much for global warming! It's been cooler here than it has been in the last few years. Even my electric bill is showing the difference. Last month my bill was 189, this month 153, last year at this time was 215. BIG difference. We have been able to have our windows up for about a month now. Where did all the warm weather go? I'm sitting her in sweats and a long sleeve shirt when last year I know I was still wearing shorts cause I wore shorts when we took the kids trick or treating. Oh well, I rather like crisp mornings ... makes walking so much more enjoyable.


Dannelle said...

I wonder about the electricity- now it is cheaper than gas- Never know what's going on! I can not get use to new name "Snagger Taggr" I always go who's that? Oh, yeah, it's Emmi! Dannelle

Chrissie said...

Pretty tag as usual. We're having the same kinda stuff here. It was like 41 this morning. So I know what you mean.
Take care

Joyce said...

Your blog looks great. I'd say you got it all figured out pretty quickly. Nice tag. Have fun.
Hugs, Joyce

Missie said...

I'm glad you figured out how to end the cool layouts. Imagine the fun we can have the holidays!
Love the tag!

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

Very nice!