Monday, October 6, 2008

Just another Day

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Where did the weekend go? I don't know! Like a flash it flew by my without letting me savor anything from my two days. Nothing really got accomplished, the decorations were never finished ... our plan of cleaning the house yesterday didn't happen. We sat around doing absolutely nothing. What's wrong with us? I don't know! Today wasn't much different than yesterday. I did get the kids on their school work but they weren't in in at all. I had them both in tears before our school day was over. Neither one wanted to use their brain to get anything accomplished.
We had to go buy a new ceiling fan ... ours crapped the bed over the weekend. Our room just doesn't circulate the air without a fan. It's a big room ... but IMO, not big enough not to circulate air. Anyway, while I was teaching the kids DH went to Lowe's for a new fan. He came back with a beautiful fan ... opened it up & that's when it was obvious that is wasn't new. Not only were there rusted pieces ... their was grass & sticks inside the box. OMG ... DH was PO'ed. So he called the store & spoke with the manager. We were told to come in with the fan, we could pick out another one & get 10% off for our troubles. We found an even prettier one for the same price ... only this time ... 10% less. =D I was happy about that.
So the directions say it should take about 45 minutes to get this thing up & running smoothly ... 3 hours later it was finally up & sort of running properly. DH was never able to get it fully balanced on the highest speed but the lower ones work just fine. Poor guy only had time for a quick dinner, quick shower then had to head off to work. They say time flies when your having fun ... we'll putting that fan together wasn't fun at all but the time just flew by. =(


Sherry said...

hey girl when you get time I need help because I can't figure this crap out and I am about ready to stop journaling all together , I don't get alerts when you blog or when someone comments on my blog can you help me? and how do you add the pictures I am lost as a new born baby ..
loved the tag , hang in there honey we all have those days

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I don't know how you do it, Emmi. It would have been next ot impossible for me to homeschool my kids. I give you so much credit. LOL...I intented on getting some pumpkins and bales of hay this weekend to decorate ouside. Never happened, and it was gorgeous out. HUGS

Melissa said...

the weekend always flys by for me

ELLIE said...

OMG - our fan gave up the ghost also - but we still have not replaced it - maybe it was the weekend of time flying by and fans going out!!
love the look of your blog - very cool!!
Hope your tuesday is wonderful!!!

Miss Slick One said...

I didn't do a darn thing either! I took today 'off' and sat on this pc all day! Around 3:30, I watched a movie on my portable dvd player, cooked supper after, watched Chuck & Heroes, then got right back on again! I think I gained 70 lbs...

Kelly Dawn said...

sounds like our weekend...we got very little were just lazy...I did cook dinner a couple times...but that was to you for homeschooling...I would be in jail if I tried


Linda said...

Oh I hate those thumping out of balance fans!! We never did get ours to act right in the high speed. The weekends do fly by so fast don't they? Same with vacations....

Pooh Hugs,

Joyce said...

Sounds like your whole household was in a funk this weekend and today. Maybe it's the change in the weather. Hope things get better. Nice tag BTW
Hugs, Joyce

D said...

I hate when they do that with returns.. they should be ashamed of themselves putting it back on the shelf. Glad you got it up and running