Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autumns Grace

This is my newest tag offer. It is a SNAG ONLY offer. As always, the only rule is that you please not claim my work as your own. Thanks for looking at this offer.

Question/Help ... does anyone know why the bog is cutting off my tag? When I copy/paste it or save it I get the whole thing but when I load it up it's always cuts the right side off.




Joyce said...

Very pretty Emmi. Not much going on now that things are settling down. Kinda quiet in the group today too.
Hugs, Joyce

Chrissie said...

Very pretty I love the colors.
Take care,

Sugar said...

i know why. because it's a little too large, same thing happened to me at first & i had to resz my tags. now i'll know to not make them that szanymore. grrr
nice tag, vibrant colors.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very nice tag!

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

This one is pretty

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

can u follow my journal please.

Donna said...

Hi Emmi Ü,

I see you also home school! We home schooled our daughter Brittany for 11 years..walking her right up to the graduation podium Ü. It was an amazing and humbling moment. To see our baby in her cap and gown and walking with her class wow! And did I ever take so many pictures lol. I hope you will have the same joy. Brittany graduated in 2005. She was 19 then.

After Brittany graduated, I missed home schooling so much. So I decided to make a complete home school website for other Mom's. If your intrested in seeing it, drop me a note Ü.


D said...

gorgeous as always... do tell how do you get your graphis full size.. or large. I tried the large settings and they still shrunk up.. help please

ELLIE said...

Hey girlfriend - I know I should have left my aol address - I had a brain fart of a moment...LOL
Here is my addy -
Jibaro6543 @ Aol.Com

I think I am staying there for my email because I have had that address forever -
take care of you girl - thanks for stopping by - have missed ya terribly...hugs!!

Missie said...

We'll need to make our tag a little smaller I guess. I've been very quiet in our PSP group caue I wanted to get straighted out with blogger.

ELLIE said...

BTW--I forgot to mention - the layout you are using restricts the movement of your entry from left to right - so your dimensions are smaller - if you want more room - you need to pick out a template/layout that is "stretched" so that your graphics can fit without them looking like they got cut I do not know if you will find pretty templates like the one you are using that will fit "stretched" but you will have more the one I use...yes it is white..but I am sure if you look around there is a way to decorate it - I just like decorating the main header - I like the white bg....I hope I made sense...HUGS