Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nightmare Alley

This is a SNAG ONLY entry.
My day is just zipping by. I went to pick up DD from riding lessons only to discover she lost her phone. She had it in her jacket pocket when she started her lesson so we had a bit of an idea of where it would be so I called her phone & let it ring until she was able to find it. I tell ya what ... my baby was soooo very scared that she wasn't going to be able to find it and she feared being grounded from riding lessons. Of course I didn't ground her because it slipped out of her pocket but I did tell her we needed to buy her a fanny pack for her riding lessons. Makes it a lot harder to lose something if it's snapped to her waist. I know fanny packs aren't fashionable anymore ... we're they ever? But my daughters not really into fashion anyway. Her fashion is a good pair of jeans, riding boots and a happy bunny t-shirt. Actually she likes any wize cracking t-shirt. She's my little Tom Boy! =D


Missie said...

That tag is awesome! Great job.

Melissa said...

glad ur daughter found her phone...luv the tag!

Chris said...

LOL..girls seem to lose just about everything. Glad you found it. Now how did you get that tag to post full size? Does it depend on the template. Dang, I hope by the weekend I can get some things fixed in my blog. HUGS

Chrissie said...

Cute tag. Awww...glad your daughter found her phone. I lost mine and was devastated. I lost it at Walmart and some nice lady found it and kept calling the numbers to find out who it belonged to and gave it back to me. Wasn't that sweet or her?
Take care,