Thursday, October 23, 2008

just a little DRAMA

It's Thursday & this means my daughter & I get up early so she can get her daily school work done before she heads off to riding lessons. Remember last week the instructor didn't show up ... she was in Seatle, claimed we knew but we didn't.
Well we get to the drop off point & her instructor showed up about a minute after. She came around to talk to me. She wanted to let me know that she wouldn't be availible for lessons for the next two weeks. Have no problem with this. Just thankful I know what's going on this time. Well, she didn't stop there. She says your daughter owes me for a couple of lessons. Ummm, no she doesn't! I let her know that she wouldv'e owed starting last week but since there wasn't a lesson she didn't owe. I let her know that she's paying for 2 lessons this morning & since she cancelled the appointment for the next two weeks she will be ahead. I told her I keep a very close watch on when she owes her money cause I would hate to owe anyone anything. Ya know what she says to me? Oh well if you write it down you're probably right cause I'm really bad when it comes to such things. OMG ... I was sitting there in disbelief. Your gonna tell me my daughter owes you money but you don't even really know. WTH? Who does her tax records? I keep track of everything, thankfully I do cause there have been several things that have come back on us but I had proof that they were in the wrong ... not us.
So that was my morning drama. Nothing major but enough to get me questioning DD's instructor more then I have been recently. Uggg, I really can't stand people who are absent minded then blame it on someone else. I'm absent minded (it's why I write so much down) but I don't blame anything on anyone else without proof! Then I still don't really blame people ... just shrug it off as absent mindedness just like me. =D


Melissa said...

ur daughters instructor seems kind of batty. I mean she's always canceling so how the heck does she think ur daughter owes?

Debra said...

I have Missed U *Emmi :)
Love this Drama 4 Ur Mama Tag/Snag!!
Thank U !

ELLIE said...

wow - that instructor is a ditz - you should pre write a receipt and have your daughter bring it with her to her lesson and have the lady sign it when she pays her - a receipt for every payment - maybe it will give the instructor the hint to start giving receipts - I always get receipts when paying others - maybe I have watched too much judge shows but no receipts no proof and your word alone does not do it - I learned this quickly when my kids had to start paying more and more for things at school - always covered our
take care

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh, Lord, what a flake! Wonder how much darned money she's making from overcharging people. I keep really good track of what I pay out also because people love to try and get more. HUGS

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Nice tag! The instructor seems like she a little ditzy and batty,

D said...

dunno here but she doesn't sound like she keeps great records.. maybe tell her she owes you ;)
Great tags as always

Indigo said...

I can only echo everyone else's sentiments here. Paul teaches guitar lessons and he keeps track of payments and what have you. He doesn't cancel unless it's an emergency, roads closed etc. How the heck does she expect to teach if she cancels lessons all the time? (Hugs)Indigo

Linda said...

How can she run a business and not keep track of things? That's insane!! Thank goodness you were on top of too, I write it all down and save every receipt!

Pooh Hugs,

Missie said...

It amazes me the riding instructor still has a business! LOL

Enjoy your night.

Joyce said...

Can we all say DUH? I may be absent minded in my 'golden years' but I know when I owe and when someone else owes me. It's all in my little book.
Hugs, Joyce

Chrissie said...

Oh that would make me mad somebody telling me I owe them money when they don't have a clue if I do or not. I sure am glad you keep records and would do so even more now.
Take care, Chrissie

Christy said...

I'm late in commenting, but echo everyone else! I'm surprised she doesn't keep a reciept book with her, just so when her students do pay her she can give them a reciept and it would help her at least a little keep track of who owes what. I just can't imagine ultimately running a business the way she seems to be.