Friday, October 31, 2008

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Necessary Love

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Yesterday was not very eventful, just an ordinary boring day. Sometimes those are the best days of all. =)

This week my son is doing reports on differnt events in history because he is a book or more ahead in school. Well, in the past he hasn't been very good at reports & hubby has really ripped his reports apart. He'll have to rewrite the reports several times before hubby says it's exceptable. This week however, son has written two papers ... both excellant ... hubby has been shocked, asking me if he copied from the book! Nope, he's tired of getting ripped! Anyway, I named this entry Necessary Love cause I truly believe God has laid his hand on my son to write better and then laid his hand on hubby so he can see the beauty in son'd writting. Hubby has praised son on a job well done & it has just made all the difference in the world to son's disposition. A little praise can truly carry us a long way.

Today I'll be preparing the Halloween treat bags for the twins. I'm hoping SIL keeps to her word and brings them by. I would love to take pics of them in their costumes. She says their going to be pumpkins ... my neice is going to be a killer cheerleader (or somehting like that). I'll get pics of her as well. I feel like I'm missing out on Halloween since my kids feel their to old to dress up this year. They just grow up so fast! Oh well, they did decorate the house which is something we don't usually do. I'll have to get pics of the house once it's all complete. We still have to draw the outline of dead bodies & splash the fake blood on the sidewalk. We have our fogger ready & this past weekend we purchased a stobe light to make it look even better at night. I'm not expecting a HUGE flood of kids ... we just don't have many young kids out this way & the ones we do have most parents just take them on post. Post is not only safer on foot but you get better candy & people don't worry about having something dangerous added to the goodies. Yesterday while we were at the commissary we found great deals on candy. A HUGE bag of snickers that sells for almost $5 at walmart for going for $1.50 ... then there were a lot of bags for only .50. I was ticked that I didn't have hubby hold off to buy the treats. Oh well!!! At least we didn't have to worry about there being no candy at all. =)

Ok, so that's all for me. It's after 8am and the kids should already be on their school work. I'm such a slacker today. I bet the kids aren't complaining though.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snag & a game!

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Well, I got tagged by Ellie ... the little booger just had to have the dirt on me. he he he

Here are the rules:
* link to the person who tagged you
* list 6 random things about yourself
* tag 6 new people
* let each tagged person know by posting a comment on their blog
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* and let the person who tagged you know that you posted

Things you may not know about me - random-

1- I played the flute from 5th -12th grade. Auditioned for a specialized band and made it into the band one of three years that I tried out. It was the best year of my life. The specialized band got a record deal the year I made it. Don't know whatever happened to that record though. =}
2- I used to own & run my own dance aerobics business. Now I'm just an out of shape has been! he he he
3- I got a full scholorship in music but turned it down to get married to a squid. The marriage lasted less than 2 years. =( The only good thing about that marriage was it brought me to hubby almost 16 years ago. =D
4- I used to write poetry like there was no tomorrow. I have several pieces that were published at, some even made it into their book of poetry.
5- I went to school to become a paralegal, early childhood education teacher, and book keeper. I graduated all programs in the 95th percentile but haven't worked a day in any field.
6-I love politics! I watch the news from sun up to sun down when possible. When I'm on here I have the news playing. If I'm watching a regular show then I'll either tape the news or stay up late to watch the replay of the show. It's insane I know ... but I love to know what's going on in the world.

Okay - these are the peeps I tag - I want some dirt on...LOL

1. Erica ... she's wickedly crazy cool.
2. Julie ... a wonderful lady that you just have to love.
3. Robin ... at Yellow Brick Road. She's a military wife so I automatically felt a connection.
4. Heather ... one tough lady with determination like I've never seen the likes of before.
5. Teresa ... at Shadow of the Moon
6. Kelly Dawn at Green Olives & Pickle Juice

There are so many other wonderful ladies that I could have asked for dirt on but I'm sure you'll be nominated very soon. I love all of ya & appreciate your support.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monster Mash

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OMG, I'm so tired and so grumpy this morning. It was a loooong night last night. My neighbors have 5 ... yes 5 really big dogs that love to bark very loud. A lot of the time they stop around 9:30 at night and all is well. Well, last night was not one of those times. I woke up at 10 tot he parking, a little after 1am to barking then at 5 this morning. I laid in bed until about 5:30 hoping they would shut up ... they never did so I just got up.
Here's my question ... hubby wants to call the cops on them but I say we should be neighborly and ask them once again to do something with their dogs. Hubby has gone to them on 2 seperate occations asking them to please put their dogs up at night because they are keeping us awake at night. The guy says he'll see what he can do but nothing ever gets done about it. I think it's because he doesn't hear the problem like we do. Their bedroom is on the other side of where the dogs bark & the dogs bark right into our window. Closing the windows don't help. The only one who doesn't hear the dogs barking like crazy is DS who's bedroom is on the other side of the house. Would you call the cops or would you once again do the neighborly thing & ask them to do something about their dogs? My thinking is we will be living next to these people forever cause we aren't moving ... they aren't moving so why cause waves? But on the other side of it ... I WANT SLEEP!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Visiting the twins

OMG ... I was so excited when I called my brother to make for sure they would be home for us to swing by & see the twins and he said they would be there. Its amazing how much babies can grow in just a week. Last week they were crawling & this week they are pulling themselves up & trying to taek steps. It's awesome! Here's the newest pics!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Leave a Trail

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It had been one stormy morning. It actually started last night and continued through the night into this morning. I'm hoping it keeps raining. For one I won't have to water any of the flowers cause they are getting a good soak but second ... hubby works on an air field. If it's raining they don't have to really work. Since he didn't get much sleep last night & will be working an extra 4 hours today ... he could use an easy day.

I'm contemplating making this an easy day with school too. Son is WAY ahead of where he should be but daughter is right on track, so I don't know. Maybe I'll just have son read/watch the news for awhile & do a report onw hat he sees. He needs to work on his writing anyway.

Looks like we will be going to street crafts fair tomorrow. The town over is have one tomorrow from 9-4. I haven't been to one in a really long time and this just sounds like fune. Not to mention I will be even closer to the twins. Hoping to be able to drop in and see them for awhile. If I do of course I will take a butt load of pics ... their just so darned adorable.

That's all for now ... I'll be back later today. Have a great weekend if I don't see ya before then.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

just a little DRAMA

It's Thursday & this means my daughter & I get up early so she can get her daily school work done before she heads off to riding lessons. Remember last week the instructor didn't show up ... she was in Seatle, claimed we knew but we didn't.
Well we get to the drop off point & her instructor showed up about a minute after. She came around to talk to me. She wanted to let me know that she wouldn't be availible for lessons for the next two weeks. Have no problem with this. Just thankful I know what's going on this time. Well, she didn't stop there. She says your daughter owes me for a couple of lessons. Ummm, no she doesn't! I let her know that she wouldv'e owed starting last week but since there wasn't a lesson she didn't owe. I let her know that she's paying for 2 lessons this morning & since she cancelled the appointment for the next two weeks she will be ahead. I told her I keep a very close watch on when she owes her money cause I would hate to owe anyone anything. Ya know what she says to me? Oh well if you write it down you're probably right cause I'm really bad when it comes to such things. OMG ... I was sitting there in disbelief. Your gonna tell me my daughter owes you money but you don't even really know. WTH? Who does her tax records? I keep track of everything, thankfully I do cause there have been several things that have come back on us but I had proof that they were in the wrong ... not us.
So that was my morning drama. Nothing major but enough to get me questioning DD's instructor more then I have been recently. Uggg, I really can't stand people who are absent minded then blame it on someone else. I'm absent minded (it's why I write so much down) but I don't blame anything on anyone else without proof! Then I still don't really blame people ... just shrug it off as absent mindedness just like me. =D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally made it to the Farm

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This next one does contain SAC ... slight adult content so if you do not wish to view this type of material please exit this entry now. This entry was in no way meant to offend any of you only to express my creative talents.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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These are all up for snag. I've been catching up on all my LilA challenges. I figure I need to get in as many Halloween taggies as I can now since Halloween is next week. WOW ... this month has just flown by hasn't it? Please tell me it's not just me. I hear the older you get the faster everything goes. I thought time only flew by when your having fun! I'm not having fun being older. =}
Anyway, enjoy the snags. I'm off to baby my baby boy. He says he's feeling better but I think it's the medicine talking. He really wants to feel better so he can go hunt for a pumpkin but I don't know if I should let him or not. We still have the rest of this week & next week to go.

Sick again!

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DS is sick again. I don't know what's up with him. This is the first time he has been sick in 6 years. I've always been lucky because no one in our house ever really gets sick except for my DH. We originally thought maybe he had a 24 hour bug cause he ended up getting sick after camping out this past Friday. Well, Sunday he told us he was feeling better but because he was running a fever on Saturday we didn't let him go out and play with anyone else. Anyway, he did feel like shopping & who am I to deprive him of what I love to do ... SHOP!!! =D Ok, so while we're at lunch he was scratching his wrist ... I saw a bite & asked him what happened. He said he thought an ant had bit him when he was sleeping out ... DH looked at the bite & said it was to big to be an ant bite. We now believe that whatever bit him is what's causing his to feel sick. He said he pinched a lot of liquid out of it. I checked it this morning & it's healing nicely ... but, we don't know what bit him & now he's sick again. Actually I'm not at all sure he was better yesterday but he wasn't running a fever so I couldn't very well make him stay inside when he didn't have a fever two days in a row. Today though ... he's got a fever 102.6!

Both kids are a little upset by DS being sick cause today we were going to the pumpkin farm for a field trip ... now we have to move the time back. It's no big deal cause the place is open until the 1st of November. So DS is in bed sleeping ... DD is taking a break from school work to read, DH is working & I'm sitting here not feeling so groovy myself. Maybe after DD is done with all her school work I will go back to bed too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick Entry


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OMG, this weekend thankfully went by really quick. DS is now feeling much better but wishes he was still sick so he wouldn't have to do school work this morning. Isn't that the way it always goes. DD told me she was sick this morning but realized there was something she wanted to do this afternoon and wouldn't if she was sick so she quickly said it must have been because she was sleepy. I checked her temp just to make for sure ... no temp.

Brrrr, it's chilly this morning. I'm wearing a jacket & toe socks to keep warm. I've got my coffee cup next to me so I can feel the warmth radiate from it. Now isn't that sad? I'm to stubborn to turn the heat on. I say as long as we can bundle up for a couple hours then we're good. Today's high will be in the mid 70's so it's not like it won't warm up. The kids are sitting at the table wrapped in their blankets ... he he he. They look so cute!

Ok, that's all for right now ... school work is calling.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Snags




Unexpected Call

<-- My step neice with her baby brothers. She's such a good sister. She watched over them like a mama bear.

<-- Caiden ... he looks so much like my brother. He's such a gentle soul ... I don't think he knows a stranger.

<-- Caiden & Camren. I just love my nephews to pieces.

<-- My SIL with Camren

This morning bright & early my phone rang ... I answered it ... it was my brother who rarely ever calls me. He asked how we were doing & if we had plans for the day ... we didn't so we made plans for him to come over. I haven't seen/heard from him since Father's Day ... which means I haven't seen my nephews either. For those of you who are new to my blog ... my brother's wife gave birth to twins in January.

It was so great to see them ... they've gotten so big since Father's Day. Of course knowing they were coming over I had to go shopping. I bought them each an outfit & of course I got a few small toys. nothing major, just something so they would know that auntie Em was thinking of them. The visit was great but much to short.

I got the feeling that my brother had stayed away cause there were some family issues a month or so back. Of course I knew what they were but I wasn't about to bring it up & have things rehashed. Thankfully he didn't bring them up either. It's just better left in the past & him not hearing all the hurtful things that I heard said. No matter which side is right I love both of my brothers & my dad & just like I wouldn't bad mouth my brother to my dad & baby brother ... I won't do it with my other brother. I think it's best like that. I've made the mistake in the past of repeating their words & in the end I was made out to be the bad guy ... never again.

Anyway, remember me saying in the last entry that DS was being lazy cause he stayed up all night. Well, all day long yesterday he kept telling me he didn't feel well. I chalked it up to him being tired ... I was wrong. He kept us all up all night long with his throwing up and crappin all over the place. Poor guy ... he was so sick. He still isn't feeling perfect but I've been keeping him on DayQuill to help him feel human. He was a little upset that he wouldn't be able to see the twins ... he's great with kids. DD could care less & chose not to show herself but for maybe a minute. I had purchased her a new book earlier this morning so her & a new book ... forget about it, there's no pulling her away from it.

Well, I guess that's about all from me today. DS is in bed, DD has her nose in the book, DH is watching his football game ... and me ... I think I'm gonna go take a nap. =D Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleep over Rant

Photobucket <-- Snag only please!

I'm so darned exhausted. DS wanted to have a sleep over but since I'm not fond of the kids parents & never know what hair brained scheme they will come up with I only agreed to the sleep over if it was a sleep over in the tent. I know ... it was cold ... well I should say on the cool side. I was hoping that they just wouldn't spend the night at all, but they did. I don't know when they went to sleep, I just know that I was to tired to hear anything that went on.

6:53 this morning my son comes into my room ... can I have breakfast now? Well, we have a rule in the house that you can't have food before 7am and nothing after 8pm. It's not because we don't let the kids eat it's that my son has this habit of wanting to eat every 2 hours. Doesn't matter what he's doing ... 2 hours roll around & he's starving, throwing a fit because I'm letting him starve. I let him know that it wasn't 7 yet but his little whining bit and me being awaken from my sleep told him to just eat. I hear them diving in to the pop tarts then in to the living room to play the xbox. I wanted to scream because the TV was just so loud. I got up & closed my door ... it was barely after 7 and I'm so darned tired.

I get up about 8 ... DD is still sleeping. I walk into the kitchen to get me a cup of coffee ... DH didn't make coffee this morning, he was running short on time. Well what do I see on the counter ... half a gallon of milk that's getting warm. The boys took it out but didn't bother to put it up.

Uggg, my son can be the most absent minded kid on the planet sometimes. Is it just the norm for a 12 year old? So I pick up the milk then notice the kitchen table is littered with trash from breakfast. I asked my son about it ... he said I'll clean it up. There was 2 wrappers out ... he had 2 boys over so it was obvious that the wrappers were from the neighbors, not my son. After he cleans the table he goes to his room then comes out with 3 used pudding cups. Evidently they had pudding cups as a snack & I was totally unaware of it.

So now I'm in a bad mood cause I can't keep asking DS to keep cleaning up the mess of the neighbor boys ... I just asked him to get his chores done & then he could go outside and play. He goes to his room for what I believe is to clean his room ... within minutes he emerges to tell me he's sick. SICK ... grrrr ... sick my frickin' behind. It's called staying up to late, getting up to early, eating way to much food & now wants to laze around the house doing nothing. I don't know whether to make him do his chores or not. I know he won't be having sleep overs with the neighbor boys for awhile. It's totally ridiculous that they can't clean up after themselves. My son's room is trashed, the back yard is trashed, the video area is all messy. They didn't put one single game away ... not one!

This may sound a little harsh but, Ya know ... I don't think I like other people's kids to much. I was always taught then when you go to some one's house you leave it the same way you found it. You're on your best behavior! A lot sure has changed since I was a kid! I tell my kids the same thing ... my kids are always praised by other parents but I can't return the favor to them cause their children are little animals.

Do you tell your children to be polite while visiting someone elses house? Do you make your children clean up after their friends? Photobucket <-- Snag Only ... thanks for listing to my rant.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a morning

Photobucket <-- Snag Only Please

I made this tag as part of the PSP group. The girl is what I was given ... I sort of like it ... sort of not! I'm in a nit picky mood when it comes to the tags I have been making. I really haven't liked many of them lately.

Thanks for the advice on refreshing the page when the error came up. I refreshed it 4 times but my old tag journal finally migrated with all entries, photos, and comments. It's the main one that I just didn't want to lose.

Nothing special happening today. Took DD to meet her riding instructor ... we sat waiting for 15 minutes after the pick up time. I finally told DD to call her instructor to see if she was ok. The phone rang a bunch of times then a very sleepy woman answered the phone. DD asked her is she was ok since she was 15 minutes late. Wanna know what she said? I'm in Seattle! She told DD that she told her that last week but I know for a fact that when I picked her up she told DD "see ya next week." I'm was mad that I didn't get to sleep in cause after staying up late watching the debate then all the analysis of it I was dead. The only good thing is thankfully I didn't take her all the way to the farm like I used too. I'm upset with the instructor cause who in there right mind tells a child & not a parent that they won't be available? Yes my DD is one smart cookie but I tell ya, she is in la la land when she is around horses. I'm the one who drives her to the lessons so tell me ... the parent what's going on! Am I over reacting to her not giving me the info needed or do I have every right to be perturbed at her being so inconsiderate?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week with Wings


Is it just me or does the week just fly by super fast when there is a day off due to a holiday? I got up this morning feeling like it was Tuesday & was quickly informed by DS that it's Wednesday but he wished it were Tuesday ... DD wished it were Thursday. I had to inquire as to why they both wished it was a different day then it really was. DS wished it was a day earlier cause that means he doesn't have to do school work for an extra day & DD withed it were tomorrow cause that means she'd be going off to her riding lessons for half the morning. I see where their priorities lay. =D

Photobucket DH was out of the house 4:30 this morning ... I heard his every step to the bathroom, his shower, him putting on his clothes, making breakfast, coffee ... even closing the door. For someone who is trained to be quiet so he's undedectible ... he's so darned LOUD!!!! I would say it's because I wasn't tired but as soon as I heard to door lock behind him I was out for the count until a little after 7. I was just plain pooped out. Why are men so loud? Do they secretly want us awake so they will have someone to talk to? Do they just not know how loud they are being? Maybe I'll ask DH when he gets home this afternoon. He'll probably say I'm going deaf so I can't hear myself being loud. I guess he does have a point.

Well, I guess that's all for me. I need to get up & moving. I cleaned house yesterday but never got everything accomplished that I wanted. I ended up sitting on her for most of the day making cute taggies to share here & in the PSP group. Last week I didn't turn much of anything in & I felt so guilty for it. There is only a 1 send per week minimum but I ALWAYS send in stuff daily.

Oh, I almost forgot ... my diet journal finally migrated over to blogger. My two other journals wouldn't migrate. =( Told me there were errors int he transfer. Has anyone else had this problem? It sucks cause the ones I really wanted to transfer just won't work with me. Maybe I'll try my tag one again. The homeschool one isn'[t that big of a deal cause I just started it in August and there wasn't to much stuff on there ... but the tag one ... 3 years worth of work and lovely comments. =(

Damn AOL ... still breaking my heart! Oh ... both tags are snag only.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Broom Rides

We were so gung ho to get all our Halloween decorations up yet we still haven't finished. I promised pics when it's done ... but this is as far as we have gotten. We had planned (and hopfully still will) to make our porch & side walk into a crime scene. We'll be removing the chairs and putting body parts down ... we have fake blood to make it more dramatic & then on our side walk we plane on drawing out crime scene bodies. I'm finding that I really hate the spider web crap ... when it rains it's just one big mess. Of course it is fixable once it dries but who the heck wants to keep messing with this stuff? I'll let the kids do it ... they like touching creepy stuff.

Nothing really new here today. We have a whole week without school & DH is on 1st shift so his day is over with my 1pm. Maybe we'll get out of the house then. I need to clean the house ... we didn't do much of anything over the weekend.

The following tag was something that I made last week for LilA's group. Wasn't really feeling the creative juices ... I don't know what's wrong with me lately. At any rate ... here is my newest creation.


This is a SNAG ONLY!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Red Faced Embarrassment

<-- DD ... we had a lovely weekend. Friday DH took a sick day so we went shopping. Always love to shop!! We ended our shopping at the book store where DD picked up Twilight. I have been telling her all the good things I have been hearing about it so she decided "what the heck." and picked it out. She had the whole thing read by breakfast Saturday morning. She had stayed up until 4am reading it. She said she just couldn't put it down. Of course she begged us all weekend long to take her back to the book store so she could get another book in the series. Of course we said no cause we have other books here that she could read that she hasn't yet. She loved the book so much that she decided she would just read it again. She's now read it 2 full times and as of last night had started all over again. Must be a good book for her to read it 3 times in a row. <-- DS I think had a pretty good weekend. He spent most of it outside with the neighbor boy ... skate boarding. I don't know what he sees in that board but whatever it is I'm so thankful for. There was a time when even suggesting that he go outside to play would have been worse than death to him. He just hated going outside ... now it's all we can do to get him to come in when it gets dark outside. Of course he only wants to be outside to skate ... nothing else. Small steps I suppose! <-- DH & I ... we had company come over for a cook out. Dad was supposed to come along with baby brother but they had a wedding that they went to in Panama City on Saturday & were just to tired from the drive to come over. Our friends didn't make it though. She's the lady who brought her dogs over & one ended up biting by DD. We weren't sure we ever wanted her back over after she seemed so nonchalant over the bite ... she never once said she was sorry that her dog bit DD ... the dog was completely unprovoked ... DD still has scar tissue in her calf. Anyway, this time when we invited her we let her know that she couldn't bring her dogs. Thankfully she didn't. I had a "BOY WAS MY FACE RED" moment. We were watching Family Guy and it went to commercial break ... the female friend got up to go smoke a cig (can't smoke in my house) and every time someone gets up ... my Chihuahua's go crazy. It doesn't matter that they already know you ... I think their blind or something! Anyway DH made some obscene comments like my little Biotch opens her mouth for anything ... the little black bass-turd is a Percival sweet water .... just crude stuff. Well my blue chihuahua was sitting in my lap barking her little head off when DH points at her & says if you don't knock it off I'm gonna cock block you ... she snaps at him & I said hey, leave my snappin coochie alone. OMG ... the whole house bust into laughter before I even realized what I had said. All night long people were teasing me over the comment ... even this morning on our morning walk DH was teasing me. Geez ... was my face ever red! =D

So that was how my weekend went. Still have today to go ... don't know if we are doing anything or not. I want to check out sales in the area cause there's usually some good ones but who knows ...

I need to get some creativeness flowing in PSP. I didn't do much of anything in the group last week. Just enough to stay a part of it. Below is one of the creations I came up with. It's a SNAG ONLY creation.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

weekend check- in

Having one heck of a weekend. I was able to get some sleep last night ... slept in about an hour more than usual but after only a couple hours of being up I felt sluggish again. I really think I have a cold coming my way.
I had DH boil out my EARS (I'm such a muldoon. I originally said eyes. I guess I'm so tired I can't even speak right. Thank you for all of those of you who were concerned about putting peroxide in my eyes. =D) last night with peroxide because they were hurting so bad I was almost in tears. My throat is killing me ... hurts to swallow anything and then I just feel so drained. I've been drink OJ all day long in hopes of fighting off anything that's trying to grab hold. I'm usually the healthy person of the family ... well my kids are to. DH is usually the one who comes home all sickly & stuff. I think the only time my kids were really bad sick is when they went to the public school. OMG, they were always coming home sicker than anything. Now that their home though ... they never get sick. I don't know why ... they play with all the kids in the neighborhood. Maybe it's because their not in close proximity to sick kids. I know some parents send their kids to school sick thus the germs get spread around.
Are you guys seeing the gas prices fall where your at? My dad calls me this afternoon from Florida asking about gas prices. He wanted to know how low it was. I told him what it was yesterday ($3.15) and he said he was thinking of getting gas before coming home because it was only $2.98 where he was. Dang ... it's usually more expensive in Fl than here. So DH & I get out of the house to pick up some food for tomorrows little get together & we find our prices have dramatically dropped from yesterday ... $2.92 ... that's 23 cents in one day. OMG ... wouldn't it be nice if by the new year we were back to $2 or less? Yeah I know ... keep dreaming. But who knows! Anything is possible right?
Is it turning cold where your at? Yesterday's high was 86 and today's was barely 75 ... the wind was blowing like crazy & tonight seems like I'll either have to add a comforter to the beds or close up all the windows. It's just down right chilly. When DH & I went on our nightly walk I had to grab a light jacket. I get cold very easily but still ... I'm not used to needing a jacket until around Thanksgiving. Looks like we might be in for a really cold winter this year. It's years like this that I'm very susceptible about global warming. If the world is warming up then why are we having record lows?
Ok ... I've asked to many questions for the day. hope you all are having a very blessed weekend. I'm out for the night.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sleep Tight ... don't let the bed bugs bite.

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So I decided I would go to bed early last night cause I was just so darned exhausted. I laid down & my eyes popped wide open. Why do we do that? I know I was tired cause while watching TV I was dozing off ... before DH left for work I was dozing so we went for a walk to wake me up. It worked until I sat down. We made coffee to help keep me awake until bedtime ... I was still dozing. So what gives? I lay in bed deciding that I could watch TV so I could doze off ... it worked until the phone rang. DH was calling at 10:30 at night ... ugggg ... he was calling to let me know he was taking today off. He talked to me for about 10 minutes then says ... "Oh, I guess I should let you go back to sleep huh?" Ya think!!! So I lay there ... until 11:30, mind going a million miles an hour, the TV wasn't making me drowsy. Next thing I know I'm waking up a few minutes after 3 this morning with DH clibming into bed saying he's dead tired. I thought about talking his ear off, but I was to tired to bother. I ended getting up at 6:30 ... not because I had to but because my son was up and had let the dogs out of their room. They were trying to tear my bed apart to get in it with me.

Now I don't have big poochies, I have little 5 pound yappers ... ankle biters ... annoying spoiled rotten brats. So what if I made them that way ... they can only be that way when I want them that way, right? he he he So I got up to give them lots of love and of course their morning biscuit that they have grown accustomed to.

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So, DD is sleeping, DH is sleeping, DS is playing his video game that he purchased yesterday. Oh, I forgot to share the news ... I think. At the beginning of the school year our cover school came out with an essay contest. My kids just didn't want anything to do with it but I figured since they both needed to work on their writing skills this would be the perfect opportunity for them. They begrudgingly wrote their essays & parents were asked not to help ... so the most I told them is to re-read it & make for sure it sounds well thought out. I sent them in ... I get an e-mail at the end of last week letting me know my DS had won the essay contest. Who would have known? He won a $10 gift certificate from Walmart ... he was so happy he couldn't stop smiling when I gave him the news. Well, like most kids ... when the card arrived it burned a hole in his pocket. He just couldn't wait until this weekend to spend it. He ended up using his card & chore money to buy a DS game. As of this morning he has almost beaten the game. What's the point of buying something that you can beat in less than 24 hours? I have no clue. I asked him that question this morning & ya know what his reply was? Why do you buy books that you have read in less than 24 hours? What could I say? I just spend all day Wednesday reading a book from cover to cover. It was so good I just couldn't put it down. So I guess it's safe to say ... he got that trait from me! =D

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So what's on the agenda for the day? I don't really know. DH told me he didn't want the kids doing school today because he wanted to go whenever he wanted to & didn't want to worry about the kids being done with their school work. I guess that's a good thing about home schooling. Pick up & go when & if you want to. It's 15 minutes before school is to start & the kids have no idea what's going on. I figure I will probably make them do a little something ... it's not like DH is up anyway. He's still sound asleep. Thankfully 3rd shift is done for the next 2 months. He goes on 1st shift come Tuesday ... he gets a paid holiday Monday ... the kids are on Fall break ... so I have an easy next few days. FINALLY.

Oh, for any of you who have kept up with my weight loss process & thought i had fallen off the ban wagon ... I didn't really fall off just changed the way I am going about it. Ya see ... for those of you who weren't following. I Literally was gaining weight faster than I could keep it off. I went to the doctor to have my thyroid check ... anything that could cause weight gain & nothing was wrong with me. I found this book called Bread the Fat-Loss Code ... I did 6 of the 8 weeks on the program & although I did lose some weight I was disgusted in the fact that 1 week off program had caused a 5 pound gain. I was exercising my tail off ... 60-90 minutes 5-6 days a week of cardio ... keeping my food anywhere from 1200-1400 calories every single day, yet I was still gaining weight. Friends would tell me it's probably the weights making you temporarily gain weight. That was a nice thought except after 3 months of weight training I should still be gaining because of weight training. So I said screw it ... threw up my hands & said I'm done with diet & exercise, it just doesn't work for me.

In the last 9 weeks I have taken the approach of I'll eat when I'm hungry & stop when I feel like I could be getting full. I take a neighborhood walk with the honey 3-5 times a week. Wanna know how much I have gained in 9 weeks? 1.2 pounds! I have gained more than that over night when I was exercising like a nut bag. So I guess I have learned ... the way my body reacts to exercise doesn't help it so I'm gonna just stick with my slow walking & my eating plan.

Funny thing about my weight & exercise that I was doing. I just read an article yesterday ... I think it was in Woman's World or First for Women ... it said that women who exercise intensly usually end up gaining weight because their body not only requires more food for function but because the intensity stresses out the body. When people choose to take their workouts easy ... walking, yoga, ti-chi etc ... they end up being able to lose or maintain their weight. I'd say that's what I have been doing & it's working. Yes, I have gained a pound in 9 weeks but I'm not killing myself to get through workouts anymore ... my body isn't always sore ... I don't feel guilty when I eat something that used to be a no-no. Last night I baked chocolate chip cookies. I haven't had cookies in a few weeks. Not because it's off limits but because I haven't felt the need for them. Anyway, last night I had 7 with a glass of milk. I stopped when I felt satisfied. I saw them in the fridge this morning & didn't feel the need for even a crumb.

So ... I'm happy that the big gaining is going away & that I have learned how to control the food I'm eating. To recognize when my body has enough food to go on & to exercise enough to keep my heart healthy. I'm not an athlete so I don't need to train like one.

I'm outa here ... gonna get a little schooling in. No need to waste a whole day when DH is still in bed anyway. Have a great weekend & enjoy Columbus day on Monday. Don't know if I will make any more entries until then. Depends on how boring things get around here. =D

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little under the weather

These are SNAG ONLY!

Sorry I haven't been to anyone's blog in the last couple of days. I've been feeling really under the weather. I can't seem to get enough sleep no matter how hard I try. I will go to bed early but only toos & turn. As soon as I'm almost asleep DH will come in from work so we will talk a bit. He of course gets to sleep in because he's worked all night while I have to get up & get the kids going on their school work. Thankfully tomorrow is the last day of the week & then next week in their Fall Break. One whole week to get as much sleep as I want & need. Hopefully I can get that much needed rest. That's all for me. I'm calling it a night. I'm hoping to catch up with everyone this weekend.