Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week with Wings


Is it just me or does the week just fly by super fast when there is a day off due to a holiday? I got up this morning feeling like it was Tuesday & was quickly informed by DS that it's Wednesday but he wished it were Tuesday ... DD wished it were Thursday. I had to inquire as to why they both wished it was a different day then it really was. DS wished it was a day earlier cause that means he doesn't have to do school work for an extra day & DD withed it were tomorrow cause that means she'd be going off to her riding lessons for half the morning. I see where their priorities lay. =D

Photobucket DH was out of the house 4:30 this morning ... I heard his every step to the bathroom, his shower, him putting on his clothes, making breakfast, coffee ... even closing the door. For someone who is trained to be quiet so he's undedectible ... he's so darned LOUD!!!! I would say it's because I wasn't tired but as soon as I heard to door lock behind him I was out for the count until a little after 7. I was just plain pooped out. Why are men so loud? Do they secretly want us awake so they will have someone to talk to? Do they just not know how loud they are being? Maybe I'll ask DH when he gets home this afternoon. He'll probably say I'm going deaf so I can't hear myself being loud. I guess he does have a point.

Well, I guess that's all for me. I need to get up & moving. I cleaned house yesterday but never got everything accomplished that I wanted. I ended up sitting on her for most of the day making cute taggies to share here & in the PSP group. Last week I didn't turn much of anything in & I felt so guilty for it. There is only a 1 send per week minimum but I ALWAYS send in stuff daily.

Oh, I almost forgot ... my diet journal finally migrated over to blogger. My two other journals wouldn't migrate. =( Told me there were errors int he transfer. Has anyone else had this problem? It sucks cause the ones I really wanted to transfer just won't work with me. Maybe I'll try my tag one again. The homeschool one isn'[t that big of a deal cause I just started it in August and there wasn't to much stuff on there ... but the tag one ... 3 years worth of work and lovely comments. =(

Damn AOL ... still breaking my heart! Oh ... both tags are snag only.


Julia said...

It took me forever to get my journals over and finally someone told be after it got to the point where it says error to refresh it. I did and they transfered. So anyway try refreshing after it has loaded.

I make sure not to open my eyes when my husband is like that because if he sees my eyes open even briefly hes talking nonstop. I think that is why they do it, LOL

Indigo said...

As Julia said, I refreshed and it worked. Men are loud. I'm deaf yet Paul manages to wake me up all the time. He sits hard on the bed, bumps up against said bed numerous times, turns lights on. Some days I want to ask him, what are you 3? My daughter used to do the same thing at that age to wake me up. (Hugs)Indigo

ELLIE said...

love the tags girlfriend!!!
I think men are so loud because yes they want the company - I am bold enough and not kind - I wake my hunnie up and tell him I need the company--LOLOLOLOL
It leaves no doubt!!!!!
Hope you have a fun wednesday!

Dannelle said...

We still have two weeks, so try again.I have to refresh (ha, on line) a lot lately. Maybe deep down AOL doesn't want to let go! Dannelle

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

this week is flying fast. i got off again tomorrow lol lovely week im having.

Joyce said...

My journal was so new (9 months old) that I didn't bother. I just copied and pasted my posts only into a txt document for saving. Don't give up...there is still time.
Hugs, Joyce

Melissa said...

good luck on getting ur journals over, aol never makes anything eay for u

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Yeah, I still really hate the thought of the journals being gone. This place is ok but just not JLand. LOL...I always think the short weeks at work seem so long. I'm totally screwed up as to what day it is. I woke up and thought today was Thursday...blah. Love ya!

Missie said...

Havae a good night.

D said...

tags are great... my journal won't go either.. I think it's a size issue but no one at AOL or blogger will confirm.. all they say is they are working on it.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great tags. Alvia