Saturday, October 4, 2008

Always on my Mind

This is a SNAG ONLY offer.
Well, yesterday my kids didn't want to go outside cause afterall ... whats the point? They wouldn't be able to play with their friends since their mother put them on restriction. I told them there is more to life then just playing with the neighbor kids. I made them go outsdie to enjoy the fresh air ... ride their bikes ... skateboards ... play with other friends.
As I was sitting her at the computer I had this horrible though that what if my kids were trying to communicat with the neighbor kids ... what would that woman do? So I decided to go sit out on the porch for a while to monitor the play. Well, the mother wasn't even at home but that dad was. I've never had a real problem with him except for the fact that he lets his kids just do whatever they want. But ya know ... really kids learn more when parents aren't in their face watching theie every move. Anyway, my son is right in front of their drive on his skate board talking to theneighbor boy. I'm thinking oh great the poor kid is gonna get grounded for even longer for talking to my son. Then I see the little girl come riding by on her bike asking my son if my daughter knows they can talk to each other. I'm thinking WHAT?
So this is what I found out. After I told the mother that as parents we need to stand back & let the kids work it out I suppose her & her DH agreed I was right because she told her kids that they could play with mine. However, all of the kids needed to walk away from each other if disagreements came about and not go around each other until cooler heads prevailed. I'm fine with that ... it's the whole let the kids work it out themselves thing I was talking about. Gee, who would've thought letting kids work through their own problems. Isn't this how we learn to deal with people when we get older? You can't just not go to work cause you don't gt along with a co-worker ... you can't just not go to a college class cause the teacher said something that offended you. The way she was sheltering her kids from conflict was setting them up for failure in the future.
Oh well, today we're gonna set up our yard for Halloween. We purchased some skeltons, webbing and such. This is the first year that we are staying home to pass out candy instead of taking the kids out. Their 11 & 12 and just to grown up to go asking adults for candy. My son said "what's the point of asking for candy when I can take my chore money & buy me a bag of stuff that I actually like?" He's gotta point! =D I'll have to take some pictures of the yard when we're done. We bought a fogger so it should turn out pretty cool ... lets hope anyway. DH has an idea of where he wants to set up the graveyard & I have another place in mind. Don't know who will win this debate.
That's all for me ... gonna go shopping for more spooky items. Have a very blessed weekend.


lisa jo said...

your son is a smart one! I hope you post the pics of your Halloween stuff. OX

Joyce said...

I'm glad your neighbor came to her senses. Kids have a way of dealing with things - not like us adults. They forget the problems of the day before and go on with life as if nothing happened. Have fun setting up the yard.
I wish we could figure out a way to help Amanda. I feel so sorry for her but I don't know what else I can do.
Hugs, Joyce

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I was just gonna say what LJ did...make sure to show us pics of your halloween display. Ya know, I learned real quick when my kids were younger that we need to stay out of most things and let them settle it on their own because the kids are friends the next minute but the parents are angry forever. HUGS

Indigo said...

As parents we can't shield our kids from every conceivable thing that might come up. The only thing we can do is teach them how to properly react in certain situations. I'm glad the mother came to her senses and let the kids work it out for themselves. Can't wait to see pics of the Halloween deco. (Hugs)Indigo

Melissa said...

im glad the kids can play together again. Thats around the time i stopped going trick or treating, I think I was 11

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

I made a new blog i hope you can follow this one instead!

Kelly Dawn said...

we are going to start on our halloween stuff today or tomorrow :)


D said...

had a tough time reading the read... kids bounce back quickly

PinkSatinPistol said...

Hi Emmi...I'm so glad I finally found u. That book "Computers for Dummies" should have had my picture on the cover since it took me so long to get here.
The site looks great !!!!!

Missie said...

I'm on the same page as you. Kids must learn to get a long with others, and if we as parents always interfere, they'll never learn.