Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life's a drag sometimes

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This day has just been full of crap. Well, no ... not all day. My good friend Evil called me this morning togive me some happy news so it wasn't all a complete waste. DH didn't get to bed until about 4 this morning ... tossed & turned all night long. Must have been some bad dreams cause he was thrashing about & cussing up a storm. He didn't want me to touch him so I'm assuming he was dreaming about me. I didn't say anything about it when he woke up only a few hours later but he let me know that he hated nights when he knew he had bad deams but couldn't remember what they were all about. I told him what he said & he said he didn't think it was about me. =]
Anyway, my DD wanted to play games with me when it came to school work. Some days they can be just perfect little angels ... sit at the table/computer & get all their work done but then other days I just want to pull all my hair out. Thankfull both weren't acting up ... only DD. She couldn't understand why she had to sit at the table and do her work when her brother was done with his work. So she left the table & went about her own thing. She left me with the impression she was done with all of her school work. Well, I have this thing that I go back over their work so if they didn't get something right I can help them see where they went wrong. This child didn't do her math at all ... not one single problem. This was a problem. I called her into the room and flat out asked her if she finished all her work. Her eyes got really big then she said "Yes mam." I said so if I check your books everything will be done. She again told me yes. Maybe she thought I would just put the books away or something but when I grabbed up her books she says well I think I did everything. She rushed to her math book ... flips open the page & says oops, I forgot to do this page. So I look at it ... I said that's more than one page that you didn't do ... you didn't do anything. She goes through her little speech of how she got side tracked after her snack & just forgot to come back & do the rest of her work. So she sat here at the table from 9:30 until 1:15 working on simply multipication. 2 pages yes but when I sat down with her it took her maybe 1 minute per problem. She thought if she just sat there doing nothing I would get frustrated with her & tell her to go away. he he he nope ... I was evil teacher today ... from now on too.
When DD was finally through playing her games I headed off to pay bills and such. Had to cancel Showtime ... no more Big Brother so no need to have the spy channel. he he he Tonight I'll be watching the debate ... well maybe for a bit. I already know who I'm voting for & them tearing ach other down won't change my mind in the least. I'm not voting for who I want to run the country now but more for who I don't want to run the country. Sad huh? I would just not vote but by not voting I put all the power to all those who do. Oh well, I'm beginning to believe this whole election process is rigged anyway. I almost think that my vote doesn't count & there are people in high places calling all of the shots. Why else would Hillary step aside for a much less qualified man to take her place? She had the votes to stay in ... yet she stepped down. Sad!


Missie said...

Brandon's done that to me regarding school work too. Enjoy your evening.

Melissa said...

wow...she could have just done it and been over with it

D said...

ohhhh I'm so glad my son is done with school :)

Joyce said...

My nights are always iffy. Sometimes I sleep pretty good, but most nights I'm up and down or tossing and turning. Good thing I sleep alone... LOL. Tomorrow is my bill paying day. Not a hard thing, just a pain.
Hugs, Joyce

ELLIE said...

I did the home schooling for about 18 months - it was one of my sons that gave me a run for the money - but truly the experience in general was good for all of us....what made you decide to homeschool? just curious!!!
take care--Ellie

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...kids will test us all the time, even big kids. I also wonder about Hillary pulling out of the election. Didn't make a big of sense.

Your hubby may be having dreams from being in the military. Thrashing about is really common. I'm sure it wasn't about you at all. HUGS

Teresa said...

Even in public school i hated math! with a passion, but then I hated having to get up and read anything in front of the room too! I'd take a "F" rather than have to do that, even if I had all my work done!
I agree with you about the political "game show" it's ridiculous in the extreme anymore. So tired of it.
Lovely snag btw. Blessings* Teresa

Linda said...

Oh, kids can drive us nuts about school work...I'm so glad I'm not facing that anymore!!
I have trouble sleeping, so I can relate to your poor hubby thrashing about..UGH. I agree about politics, and I'm sick of the smear tatics that are going on...I just want it done and over.

Pooh Hugs,