Saturday, October 11, 2008

weekend check- in

Having one heck of a weekend. I was able to get some sleep last night ... slept in about an hour more than usual but after only a couple hours of being up I felt sluggish again. I really think I have a cold coming my way.
I had DH boil out my EARS (I'm such a muldoon. I originally said eyes. I guess I'm so tired I can't even speak right. Thank you for all of those of you who were concerned about putting peroxide in my eyes. =D) last night with peroxide because they were hurting so bad I was almost in tears. My throat is killing me ... hurts to swallow anything and then I just feel so drained. I've been drink OJ all day long in hopes of fighting off anything that's trying to grab hold. I'm usually the healthy person of the family ... well my kids are to. DH is usually the one who comes home all sickly & stuff. I think the only time my kids were really bad sick is when they went to the public school. OMG, they were always coming home sicker than anything. Now that their home though ... they never get sick. I don't know why ... they play with all the kids in the neighborhood. Maybe it's because their not in close proximity to sick kids. I know some parents send their kids to school sick thus the germs get spread around.
Are you guys seeing the gas prices fall where your at? My dad calls me this afternoon from Florida asking about gas prices. He wanted to know how low it was. I told him what it was yesterday ($3.15) and he said he was thinking of getting gas before coming home because it was only $2.98 where he was. Dang ... it's usually more expensive in Fl than here. So DH & I get out of the house to pick up some food for tomorrows little get together & we find our prices have dramatically dropped from yesterday ... $2.92 ... that's 23 cents in one day. OMG ... wouldn't it be nice if by the new year we were back to $2 or less? Yeah I know ... keep dreaming. But who knows! Anything is possible right?
Is it turning cold where your at? Yesterday's high was 86 and today's was barely 75 ... the wind was blowing like crazy & tonight seems like I'll either have to add a comforter to the beds or close up all the windows. It's just down right chilly. When DH & I went on our nightly walk I had to grab a light jacket. I get cold very easily but still ... I'm not used to needing a jacket until around Thanksgiving. Looks like we might be in for a really cold winter this year. It's years like this that I'm very susceptible about global warming. If the world is warming up then why are we having record lows?
Ok ... I've asked to many questions for the day. hope you all are having a very blessed weekend. I'm out for the night.


Dannelle said...

Well, to start with it's about 32here in sunny Southern California (ok I am in the mountains)- gas is going down here now about 3.82, but it's always higher here than off hill. You should get whatever medicine Miss Ginger is using because it worked! Dannelle

Miss Slick One said...

"I had DH boil out my eyes last night with peroxide because they were hurting so bad I was almost in tears."
WHAT?! Peroxide in your EYES?! Emmi,that will BLIND YOU! PLEASE tell me you meant to type EARS!! And 'boil out'? What the heck?!

lisa jo said...

gas in mid Ohio today was $2.83! WOO HOO! HAPPY DANCE!

the nights are down right COLD here but it is breezy and warm, mid 80's during the day. I hate snow and i hate cold.
I pray you feel much better super fast! XO

D said...

boil out your eyes? Please explain... I do hope you feel better soon! It was cold here for a few days but it has been gorgeous this weekend!

ELLIE said...

gas is dropping big time - it has to because it is only 75 dollars for a barrel of oil compared to 148 a barrel at the beginning of the summer...hopefully it will keep going down.
okay - the boil out your eyes is making me crazy - is that true?
I so hope you start to feel better - swollen vitamin C not juice the actual vitamins - about 2000mg every 4 hours or so - what your body cannot use it gets rid of - and it will minimize whatever you have - hope you have a restful weekend at least!

Indigo said...

Hope your not catching the flu everyone is talking about thats going around. It's in the upper 60's low 70's in the day here in NY. At night it's been chilly enough to have a fire in the pellet stove for a few hours. It does seem to be getting colder faster this year. A friend of mine in Colorado said they have their first snowfall tonight. I'm so not ready for snow yet. (Hugs)Indigo

Melissa said...

sorry ur still sick. I hope u get better soon. its definately gotten alot cooler here, specially in the mornings and at night

Linda said...

Sorry you are still sick...I will keep praying for you, I heard the flu is sweeping the country. Gas here yesterday was $3.09...who ever thought I'd be happy with that?!!!!

Pooh Hugs,

Teresa said...

I hope you feel better soon Emmi!! The gas here (about 4 hours away from the REFINERY itself sheesh) the cheapest I saw was $2.92 ~ hopefully today it will be even cheaper cuz I have to gas up my car LOL. With my luck it went up 75 cents ROFL. Blessings* Teresa

Winivere said...

EMMI! Your journal is looking so good! (I am not surprised.) I am still trying to be like you. ha ha... Still HOT in the Valley. Grrr... probably will not feel cold until January. Yep @ lower gas prices... The news said we are one of the lowest in Texas. That's surpising because I saw lower prices when I was in Corpus Christi recently. Hope the prices stay down!!!!

Terri said...

I sure hope you feel better soon!

Gas is dropping here yesterday it was 3.12 in places and 3.09 at walmart...I hope we get to see it in the 2 dollar range soon...that would be awesome!

It's been in the 80's during the day and anywhere from 40's to 50's at night here in Kentucky....


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

It's 81 in Pa today. I want it to stay that way. LOL..Emmi..ugh, I've had peroxide flushed in my ears also. Never keeps me from getting strep, though. So much crap is going around.

Our gas prices aren't quite below $3 yet because of taxes added. Hmmm...wonder if all the companies around here that raised prices due to gas being so high will drop them. Wonder if groceries will go down...nice dream, hunh?

Hope you feel better! HUGS