Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick Entry


Snag Only Please

OMG, this weekend thankfully went by really quick. DS is now feeling much better but wishes he was still sick so he wouldn't have to do school work this morning. Isn't that the way it always goes. DD told me she was sick this morning but realized there was something she wanted to do this afternoon and wouldn't if she was sick so she quickly said it must have been because she was sleepy. I checked her temp just to make for sure ... no temp.

Brrrr, it's chilly this morning. I'm wearing a jacket & toe socks to keep warm. I've got my coffee cup next to me so I can feel the warmth radiate from it. Now isn't that sad? I'm to stubborn to turn the heat on. I say as long as we can bundle up for a couple hours then we're good. Today's high will be in the mid 70's so it's not like it won't warm up. The kids are sitting at the table wrapped in their blankets ... he he he. They look so cute!

Ok, that's all for right now ... school work is calling.


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said... kids used to get well real quickly when they realized they wanted to do something. I'm sitting here freezing also because I refused to crank up the furnace. It was in the 30's but should warm up. Have a good week! HUGS

Miss Slick One said...

BRR here to this morning! But I had to break down and cut on the heat - first time this season - AND have my coffee too! Oh, AND put on my Cuddle-duds under my clothes! Sheesh! LOL
Hope the kids are 'better' soon :)
Have a GREAT day!
Phyllis in SC

Joyce said...

Great tag Emmi. I snagged.
Hugs, Joyce

Terri said...

We went ahead and turned the heat on last was 40 this morning around 7am...not sure if it got in the 30's or not in the night...but dang it was It got in the 70's the heat is off for now...

Glad DH is feeling better..


Terri said...

I mean your son..hehe


Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

very pretty

Robin said...

I was a bit cold this morning too! I did open up all the windows in the house and put on sweats so I could enjoy it!

Melissa said...

seems like everyones sick

D said...

it's freezing here... they are calling for that dreaded s word tomorrow night. YIKES!

Missie said...

Isn't it funny how in the summer, we turn on the air conditioners as soon as we get hot, but when the cold weather gets here, we hold off turning on the heater! LOL

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very nice tag. Its got cool here over night/early morning. Alvia

Kelly Dawn said...

We LOVE the cold weather and we wont turn our heat on until it is below 40 outside...all day "canned heat" as my dad calls it? makes us all sick with sinus ickies...


Linda said...

I don't usually turn the heat on until ice is forming on Marv's nose and he is begging for blankets....hehehe. I'm so hot all of the time because of my extra weight, it's like wearing 3 winter coats!
I hope your kids are feeling better soon, it was always so blue in our house when Mandy was not feeling well. Of course, as soon as we walked into the Doctor's office, she usually stopped doing whatever it was that made me bring her in!! LOL!
Great tag....I snagged :)

Pooh Hugs,