Sunday, October 5, 2008

A LOT Political


Above Tag is a snag only!

Ok ... so here's the deal. Cause I know many of you don't want to talk politics and anyone who does is a bad person ... I would ask that you respect my voice or just not read this entry. I'm not trying to change any one's vote cause I think with only 30 days left until the election everyone pretty much knows who their going to vote for. If you don't want to talk anymore because of my views well then it's your loss ... I'll take it as you weren't really my friend to begin with. What's great about America as it stands right now is we have the ability to speak our thoughts freely without repercussions. I won't tell you how to think just like I would expect the same courteous from any of you who may disagree with me. Thanks for listening ... now on to my entry if you chose to continue on.

OMG, Beverly Hills Chihuahua's was such a cute little movie ... a great family movie. I half expected DH to fall asleep about midway through it as he usually does with movies the kids want to watch but he didn't doze for even a minute. He didn't even take his usual potty or concession stand break. When it was over he said it was a very good movie that he wouldn't mind seeing again without all the interruptions. Ya see, going to the drive in is a great way to watch a movie cause you can break out your lawn chairs or lay blankets on the ground & watch the movie but it your not smokers like us ... if you park around someone who is then you have to smell stuff that isn't very friendly to your nose. The people next to us were chain smokers or something cause I kid you not these two ladies (we counted) on the last 1.5 hour movie lit up 18 times. That's about every 5 minutes or so. When one was gone they lit another one within a minute or so. I have never seen people smoke so much in my life. Getting over the smoking came the annoyance of people turning on their headlights int he middle of the movie. A lot of times people don't stay for the second movie cause it's later or for whatever reason. BTW, Swing Vote was very good. I had stated yesterday that I think I would love to be in that man's position ... after watching the movie ... I've changed my mind. I would never want to be the person who would chose between two people who would do and say anything to get my vote.

After watching the movie I think both Dems & Repubs are saying what they think Americans want to hear. Personally I want to know more about B.O.'s ties to radical people ... more about his preacher who he admired for over 20 years ... his associations with a known terrorist who has yet to denounce his actions. For me ... I already know that neither one can deliver what they say they will on the tax/health plan. It simply won't be possible after this bailout. (not for the first term anyway) Did any of you hear that it turned out to be not 700 billion but 840 billion? Now that's insane! Mac Daddy & BO both signed the bill, so in my mind they are both scoundrels who sold the American people out! From what I have read & heard on the news only 1/4 of the American people were for this bailout. So much for listening to the people who voted you in. My voice wasn't heard at all. Who's gonna pay my bills if I can't pay them? Not the government cause their to busy bailing wall street out. Should I shoot myself to get my mortgage cleared? Why not! A lady who was facing foreclosure shot herself & her mortgage company forgave her loan! What kind of crap is that? Now we have Gov. Arnold saying California might need a bailout. HELLO!!! Why should the government bail his state out? Because he can't manage a bank book. If you can't do your job then your fired!!! IMO he needs to ask all his star buddies to be patriotic and give money to their state.

Ok, I'm done with my little rant. Well, maybe not!

Swing vote really made me think about what's going on in our government and the games both candidates are playing in the hopes of getting my vote. The way I see it no matter who I vote for, it doesn't really matter. The media has a love affair with one man & refuses to do news stories on things that I can google & find myself. This is very disturbing! Since when did it become acceptable to be friends with terrorist, radicals, and preachers who say GD America? I'm not even convinced that this man is even eligible to be our president. Many people say he is a natural born citizen and I say prove it. I can't find anywhere that proves BO is a natural born citizen. That "birth certificate" google it ... it looks nothing like a real certificate. NOTHING!!! Did you know that there is a man (democrat) taking this action through the court system? A lot of people didn't think he had enough information for it to stick but guess what? The judge saw something because he is now asking BO for the original documents ... not scanned copies that he has been passing around to media sources. If a judge is asking for this sort of information then there must be something to it ... right?!

The news is twisting the record that you can google of Mac. At this point I see Mac as weak and has no balls to come out fighting. He has nothing to lose at this point so go down fighting. Palin on the other hand has so much fight in her were it not for her lack of foreign knowledge (just like BO) I would say she was the most credible to be president. She has tons of executive experience ... just as much as Clinton did & IMO he did a pretty good job at being the president for those 8 years. Remember, he was never a senator but only a mere governor of Arkansas. As Dick Morris said ... he had to memorize everything when it came to debating because he didn't know anything about anything but he had the potential to learn things quickly & he could relate to the American people. He has recently come out & said the very same thing about Palin ... even the Clintons have come out & said she's a quick study & speaks to the people.

Whoever gets elected ... I think our country is headed for a major fall. I think there is a civil war on the horizon and I fear for BO to get in there as he will seek to take my right to defend my home away from me, he's friends with Ayers, Farrakon, Resko, Wright, Flagger ... who knows who else with radical views. I already know the middle east are publicly stating that they want BO as president so one of their Muslim brothers will help them. (google it ... youtube it ... it's all out there for you to find).

At the same time I fear for Mac getting in the white house because I just don't know that he can get the job done. I'm a conservative (why I love Palin) and from looking at Mac's record ... he's voted more times with the democrats then he ever has with his own party. This reason is why so many republicans weren't originally supporting him and why the media loved him until BO came along. If we are to go with the lessor of two evils as we have in the past then I'll be casting my vote for Mac cause he has fought for America ... he doesn't have radical associations, he doesn't have racist pastors who he can't disown unless it gets to hot for him then he drops them like a bad habit ... he didn't have Muslim brothers paying for his college education, he doesn't have a VP who gaffes more times in one day then I do in a year! It speaks volumes to me when a VP before he was picked to be VP said that BO has no real experience & we can't have on the job training, he has also stated that should Mac be nominated for president he would gladly be on his ticket. Mac can't be that bad if top democrats are supporting him. Even Bill Clinton himself said that Mac is a very stand up man ... he couldn't say the same about BO.

Ok ... so now ends my political rant. Since you decided to read it in it's entirety please respect my views & don't bombard my e-mail with stories trying to change my mind. My mind is set ... I'm going with Mac ... end of story. You're welcome to leave your comment but please don't be nasty. I would hope that we could all come out of this election still being friends. After all ... presidents come & go but real friendships should be able to stand the tests of time. =D


Sugar said...

nice tag!
i'll stay out of the politics. lol
have a good sunday.

D said...

we all have the right to our opinion.. if folks can't agree to disagree then oh well... like you said their loss. Love the tag!

Kelly Dawn said...

yeah see i knew i loved you...We so agree...on everything...BUT some folks dont...and thats their opinion... :)


Melissa said...

everyone has a right to their own opinion, its ur journal so u can write whatever u want :) Tag for me pls ~Melissa

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

The President really can't do a whole heck of a lot on their own without Congress anyway. I'm scared for this country financially now more so than the election. I believe the biggest sin is not getting your butt to the polls to vote; not so much who you vote for. Don't complain if you don't cast your vote.

That movie does look adorable. Have a good Sunday. HUGS

Dannelle said...

Good Tag! We may not always view the scene the same but you are absolutely 100% right that we can say what we feel- here, there- quietly or screaming. Why? Because this is America and until our basic foundation crumbles (which eventually, unfortunately, it will) that is our right. The creator gave us voice to use. I wish it was always heavenly in tune but then without a comparison would we know what sounds good?!

Joyce said...

Emmi, we are on the same page. Wake up America...
Hugs, Joyce

Amanda said...

((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))Hithere,my Boss likes to talk about poltitics,I think it should stay out of work,at least I was told by my Boygfriend it is.But you know how that goes.I dont know if I am going to vote or not.I am finally getting the hang of eing here at Blogspot.I want to see that movie about the dogs.It looks cute.Have a nice evening.

Miss Slick One said...

Am I allowed to agree 100%? :)

Missie said...

I actually stopped writing about politcs in my blog over at AOL cause I received some ugly email.

Linda said...

Very well said Emmi....the American people need to be shook very hard right not and told to snap out of it. There are so many questions they aren't asking because they're to busy following the pied piper the media has created. I'm scared because smart people I know are just accepting what they are being fed. Yep, I'm scared.

Pooh Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful tag. That is such a great thing we have, free speech. Your blog, your opinions. Thank you for yours, always great to read and help make informed decisions. Take care, Karen

Bethe said...

Nice entry. I've recieved very radical mail from both sides And still say let's all agree to disagree. Have a wonderful week.