Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thank you

Snag Only!!!
I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful advice. Unfortuneatly I can't take Zeus the the Vet's just yet because there aren't any openings for him. He is registered though so I'm half way there. I have to call the office on Wednesday to get him an appointment. Ya see I use the military vet because it's much cheaper on us plus they take care of all of our other babies. The way they run the office is by setting appointments for one week out that was it's less likely that someone won't be able to make an appointment. If you miss 3 appointments without calling to cancel that you are no longer able to use the facility.
Anyway, we just keep washing him with oatmeal shampoo but I'll be taking Indigo's advice this weekend. I have to go get the right kind of pumpkin. As for the scratching & me just getting itchy because Zeus is scratching ... very plausable cause if someone itches their head or brings up the words "maybe it's lice" I will itch for days even if I have been checked & I'm good to go. However, hubby thought the same thing until I lifted my shirt & showed him the evidence. I'm covered in bug bites. He went out and bought more anti-itch cream & calmine lotion. I haven't used the calamine lotion as I know I'll be out & about today ... I do not want people to see all the pink splotches all over me. he he he what a sight that would be. =D Oh, for future reference ... hubby told me to put clear fingernail polish over the bug bites cause this would cause the itch to stop & if the mites (if that's what it was) would be trapped & die. IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!! Not even a little bit. In fact I think I was itching more because once the polish dries it becomes scratchy. Not good!
So later today we're headed to the Peanut Festival ... I've got the camera charged and a sitter for Zeus. he he he Sounds so funny to have a sitter for him but not for the other 5 poochies. The fact is ... he can't climb our back steps yet & he can't push open the doggy door either. So dad & my baby brother have said they will take care of him for the day. I'm so glad. The thought of him being cooped up for 7-10 hours was just killing me.
Ok, I'm off ... gotta go have breakfast. Hubby made pancakes this morning. No wonder I can't seem to lose weight. He feeds me all the best foods ... and I don't need any of them. Last night he made a cake ... and yes, I had a slice of it too. Don't tempt me with yummy food ... cause I'll eat it! =D
Have a very blessed weekend ... stay warm if it's cold where you are.


Sugar said...

nice snag, as usual. :)
hope the appt is soon, poor zeus. {{}}
just keep doing what you can. saying a prayer for him today.
my girls send him a big WOOF. ;)
yep, hard to lose when yummy food around...i know! lol

Barbara said...

You poor dears! Does Benedryl help you at all?

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Hope you have a good weekend...will keep you all in prayer...Hugs,TerryAnn

Melissa said...

have fun at the festival

Allison said...

I hope all works out ok with Zeus. The peanut festival sound kinda nutty but I think I'd like it! LOL Have a happy evening and Sunday. Luv ya!

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

lol who came up with the nail polish idea i will shot them for you emmi! Aww get better hun.

Missie said...

Poor little guy and poor you! You both need some itching relief.

Linda said...

Just stopping by to say hi since I got back. Poor Zeus.....I'll be sending him some prayers and tummy rubs (or scratches!) :)

Pooh Hugs,

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Love that tag, Emmi! I hear ya on using the vet on base. Lord, it costs an arm and leg now just to get a check up for our pets. Do you happen to have bugs that look like ladybugs in your house? You would see them around lights that are lit. We have tons of them now. They are actually beetles and bite. I get all bit up at night. Julie had mentioned them also. I'm wondering if that's what's biting you. My kids don't seem to get bit but I always do.

Have fun at your festival...HUGS

ELLIE said...

I hope you figure out what is making you itch - and poor Zeus - too cute and having to get him a sitter is just too funny!!!
enjoy the festival and share tons of pics!!
take care--Ellie

ADM DESIGN'S said...

wonderful snag. Hope you enjoyed yuoreslf at the festival, Hope the itching stops soon.