Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Snag Only!!!


Now we don't get snow here in lower Alabama but it was pretty darn chilly this morning. So chilly that when I woke up (after a brutal night with Zeus), there was a fire all ready to toast my tootsies. Hubby had coffee ready & waiting on me to. It's one of those rare moments when I get to see him when I wake up in the morning. He took a sick day from work cause he had some veteran affairs things to take care of. I'm thinking he'll be home by lunch.

The fair is in town! Actually it's a few towns over. It's called the Peanut Festival, it comes once a year. Our state celebrates peanuts cause we make up 1/2 of all the US peanut supply. Pretty cool huh? We haven't decided which day we will be going. Today they are having a concert but it's someone I have never heard of ... tomorrow Bucky Covington from American Idol will be playing or we could be going on Saturday to watch the Demolition Derby ... I just love those things. Yes, I'm a redneck woman and darn proud of my title. I pack a pistol and I have no problem hunting for my own food =D I believe PETA stands for people eating tasty animals. he he he

Sorry to any vegitarians out there. I look at it like this ... God wouldn't have given me teeth to tear away at meat if I wasn't meant to eat it.

Well, that's all for me ... gotta get back to teaching the kids, their short break has come to an end. Have a great day!


ELLIE said...

send some cool air our way - it is warming up too much for me!
I hope you have a terrific day!

Estela said...

Don't wait too long! The fair leaves Sunday night. I hadn't realized it was so short, but it's here and gone in about 10 days. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmi...just wanted to say hello and hope I can follow your blog..we have a few things in common...I am a bit older than you...but my hubby is retired Army...also retired from Veterans Hospital...also retired from Methodist Church...I mean that boy retired...and we are south alabama folk...well hubby is...not me...I am a buckeye transplant to the south LOL..visiting your blog will be good...and come see me sometime...I love company!!! hugs Ora in KY

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I hate cold nights and cold weather. It goes into the 30's here now but gets almost to 70 n the day which is good. Hope you get to the fair and have a great time! HUGS

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