Monday, November 10, 2008

I WON!!!!

OMG ... I woke up this morning only to find I won 1st place in the Show Me Whatcha Got contest in LilA's psp group. I was so shocked. I didn't even vote for my own cause I thought there were a couple better than mine. Nice surprise. Thank you to all who voted for mine!
Weekend went very nice, I'm still working on the slide show so I can show off the fun we had at the festival. It was so much fun but I think my body doesn't like rides anymore. I ended up having to close my eyes on all the rides because I would get extremly nauseus. I don't know why ... I've never really had this problem before. On one ride I realized I had to do something about my weight cause I almost wasn't able to ride it. First, it took me forever to figure out how to jump up backwards to get into the seat ... it was a bit tight but not to bad ... I thought I had to bar all the way closed, it felt fine to me but evedently there was a light above everyones head that let the operator know when it wasn't closed. I watched as he went around & told people they would have to exit the ride cause it wouldn't lock in. Well, I didn't think anything about it cause well those people were bigger than what I think I am. He come to me & I'm thinking WTH ... he pushes the bar down ... I'm losing my breath cause the sucker is so damned tight but I'm not about to say anything cause I don't want to admit that I'm to fat for the ride. I suck it up ... nearly breathless for 2 minutes. It was fun though!!!
Ok ... the itching hasn't subsided ... I'm slathered in calamine lotion from head to toe. I look like some pale looking person. Some of the bites are drying out while others are forming. It sux!!! My dad's g/f told me it could be scabbies. WTH is that? I didn't know so I looked it up ... it's horrible looking & NO ... I don't have it. I looked up flea bites & it looks sort of like the pics ... son thought maybe it was chicken pox since the neighbor just got over them. I looked that up & NOPE ... doesn't look like that either. So I guess I just have a lot of flea bites, deep fogging & spraying of the furnature this afternoon.
My little girl is growing up. =} The last couple of days she has been showering ... a lot ... she isn't one to shower so I figured something was up but I didn't want to pressure her. I have taught her that is she needs to talk about anything then she can. This morning she came up to me & says mommy ... I think TOM has come to visit me. YUP ... it has. I have talked to her about it since she was about 9 but for some reason it wasn't registering with her. She has been going through panties like crazy ... I finally showed her what she had to do. Poor thing ... she starts walking after she cleans herself up & says "man ... these things are really uncomfortable." I thought her eyes were gonna pop out of her head when I told her how long TOM visits. She says is there anyway to make it go away so I never have one again. he he he
So that's what's been going on in my world ... nothing super special, but we did have fun.


Estela said...

Both my girls have to use the slender pads to be comfortable, don't know if you've tried them. Looking forward to seeing your slide show. I have the same problem with rides... being nauseous... didn't used to be, but I think part of the problem lies in our inner ear. I think as we get older, the fluid that keeps us balanced isn't as quick to react when we ride the crazy rides.. that's my theory anyway. :)

Melissa said...

glad u had fun. I haven't been on a ride in so long. man! I hate when Tom visits. I dont know if you let ur girl go online or not but you can go to and sign her up for some free samples, they send about 3 pads and three tampons and its different stuff on the site that girls can read about that helps explain things about "TOM" :)

Barbara said...

Suppose you are better than you allow yourself to think you are. ;o)

Missie said...

Your daughter has become a young woman! Don't you wish we could all make it go away an never come back!

Anonymous said...

Your tag is a winner! You are very talented and just want to say a big thanks for sharing your tags!! My youngest is 14 and we did this a year ago. I had gone online not too long before she started and signed up for free products. She was able to try out the different brands and see what fit her best. Best thing too is they send coupons all the time. Both my daughters and I all use different brands, so the coupons help!
Take care,

Allison said...

That's great. You deserve to win. As for you girl, that time in your life can be traumatic when you get that visitor. It changes everything for ya! Hope you have a happy week. Luv ya!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Congrats on winning. Thats great you had fun and enjoyed the ride

Linda said...

Hey, congrats on being a winner....although, we already knew you were one ;)
I'm sorry about the ride, but THANK GOD it closed, and take it from someone who can't ride them, or sit in things because she is too's humiliating to have people see that. I'm happy for you that you didn't have to go through it!!
I was 9 when I started too....actually, I was about a week from my 9th birthday. Tell her there is one good thing...Menopause comes early and she will be done with it before her friends! LOLOLOL. Just don't tell her about the hot flashes yet....

Hope your bites dry up...I'm allergic to fleas and those bites ITCH like crazy. You poor girl!

Pooh Hugs,

Chrissie said...

LOL what pregnancy for 9 months! I don't think she'd like that answer either. Man it's tough being a girl. We get all the sucky stuff. Poor kid TOM lasts longer for some.
Congrats on the tag. That was a cute scrap.
Hugs, Chrissie