Monday, November 24, 2008

Babbling about this & that!

The above tag was done for a contest, I didn't win but there were so many great ones I didn't expect to. Congrats to Bethe, Missie, & Cathy for their awesome entries. My kids helped me vote & they loved Bethe's the best out of all of them.
What a weekend we had ... Friday hubby had to work a different shift than usual but it worked out fine for the plans we made. We went to the high school football game ... they made it to the play offs. It was soooo flippin cold I didn't know if we were gonna make it through the game or not. We did though ... our team lost so that's it for them. The team they were playing against was very very good. Our team record was 9-3 while the visiting team record was 12-0. Anyway, after the game we took the kids to our church for 5th quarter. If you don't know what that is ... it's just where kids get together for food/games & a little worship. They kids had a blast!
Saturday we went shopping. My son decided he didn't want to keep his room anymore. Ya see, w hen we first moved in here he didn't think his room was big enough for him so we converted the garage into a bedroom/laundry room. It turned out great & son has been using it for close to 4 years now. Well, he decided it was just to big to keep clean & asked if he could have his old room back & us make his converted room into a game room or something. He really wanted a half pipe in there ... ummmm .... I don't think so. =D We decided we would make it into a media room ... we bought tons of wall art for the room. Of course we still need to paint it, clean it out completely ... buy furniture for it to. Hubby is looking into getting a projector for all the movies.
We took the kids to the drive in that night to see Twilight. My daughter has read the whole series & had let us know every day all day long when the movie was coming out in theaters. She was so excited ... I had read in her book that I would probably freak out when I saw the movie ... I didn't! I was one of the cleanest love stories I have ever seen. Now I'm curious about the book, what made her worry about me seeing it with her? BTW, the movie was very good if your into vampire movies (which I am). The other movie was kinda lame; The Haunting of Molly H ... never heard of it but when you go to the drive in a family of 4 pays $18 for 2 movies. The Haunting was the second movie.
Sunday morning we all got up for church ... daughter was a crabby patty. Don't know if it was because of the late night, she didn't sleep well, or she was just being a butt whole but she was just a nasty little thing to all of us. We dropped them off at Sunday school & warned her to mind her attitude. Hubby & I went for coffee (we don't do Sunday school). After coffee we stopped at my dad's/brothers for a few minutes. Hadn't seen dad in a couple of weeks ... he's becoming a hermit or something. He goes to work, he goes home, repeats this day in & day out. Thankfully he does call to let me know he's still alive. Anyway, while we were there we got to visit with my SIL's sister ... she's just a sweetie ... turns out she's getting a divorce. She came in from work one night & walked in on her hubby plowing someone else's field. Bad karma for him! She's barely 5 foot he's 6 foot ... she kicked his tail all over the place ... was arrested but then released. It's hard to imagine anyone being mean to her cause she is just such a lovely person. Maybe that's the problem for some people though, they have to be treated like crap to feel good about themselves. Anyway, now that he sees the divorce is gonna happen he's trying to get back with her ... maybe it's the fact that she is the sole provider ... he doesn't work, just goes out & parties all the time (with my brother). Now he's working at McDonald's cause he has nothing else to fall back on. Perfect reason why you shouldn't drop out of school. Even if you do ... in Alabama you have no excuse not to go get your GED cause they do it here for free. No registration fee to sigh up or anything. They provide the student with everything!!! Oh well ... some people I suppose would rather just be stupid. My oldest brother dropped out of school int he 8th grade ... he can barely read, barely write ... he won't go get his GED cause he says he is good with his hands so he can always make a living at building cabinets or catching fish on the boats. Great future for my nephews. Thank goodness my SIL has higher expectations for herself ... she's in law school, wants to be a lawyer.
Ok, enough of my babbling ... got a busy morning. Taking all out clutter from sons old room to the thrift store this morning. OMG, he had so much crap that it wouldn't even fit in his room. He has 3 different game systems, all the games for all the different machines plus movies out the yang ... clothes that hasn't fir him in forever shoved in the back of his closet ... you name it, we found it! What makes kids so nasty? My house isn't nasty so they don't get it from what they see around them but oh my goodness ... the filth we found was astonishing. YUK!
Have a great day ... stay warm!


D said...

I think kids are all the same when it comes to their rooms... easier to hide the actually get rid of. Good luck on the room transformation

Sugar said...

sounds like you've been busy!
i love vampire movies. ;)
you should see my gkids rooms! looks like a tornado went thru them! lol
have a good week.

Carolina said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving-hugs and love.

Miss Slick One said...

Ditto on everything!!!
Have a great Thanksgiving!! :)


Melissa said...

good luck with the cleaning, im going to see twilight tomorrow

Allison said...

That media room sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I don't understand the fascination with Twighlight. Maybe I ought to read the books huh? You have a lot of darling tags again, especially the top one on your most recent entry. Hope you have a happy hump day Tuesday tomorrow. Luv ya!

Missie said...

How did my tag do? I haven't been into the group email since the weekend! LOL

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I had a hard time choosing. I liked both yours and Bethe's because of the tube. LOL...I actually thought Bethe's was yours and that Terry Ann made the one you did. Good luck with the room moving.

I've been hearing so much about Twilight. I want to read the books and see the movie. My son cracks me up. He's been watching True Blood on HBO. He got me hooked on that. Have a great turkey day! HUGS

Lisa said...

Emmi, I'm back online hon writing in both of my journals you moved for me, Stop on by, I am so lucky to know you !!!!!!, You are the definition of a true friend, Love You Lisa