Monday, November 17, 2008

New Tags to Share AC

These are being marked AC for adult content. If you do not wish to view this type of material please exit this entry now. This entry was in no way meant to offend ... only express my creative talents.
This first one I made I just love. You hardly ever see tubes for dark skinned women that are worth using. I made this tag with my SIL in mind. =)

Some of you who frequented my AOL journal know ... I love Mandy. So here she is. The tag was a challenge from last week. We were to take a jeans scrap sheet & make something out of it. I decided to dress Mandy.
Hope you enjoy today's creations.


Joyce said...

Great tags Emmi. I'm just trying to catch up with everyone in blog land and hope to get back to normal by mid-week. I sure miss the group too.
Hugs, Joyce

Melissa said...

love both snags

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Wonderful tags!