Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jean Style

Snag Only Please!
I haven't been doing much of anything. Had several errands to run yesterday when school was over & like wise today. Still need to toalk to the VA guy about my schooling but then I think ... do I even have time to go back to school? Will I really use what I learn? I mean I have gone to school for so many things & the only thing I'm doing is staying at home teaching the kids. Not that this isn't a full time job but I'm not using any of the skills that I studied for ... none! So what's the purpose. I love being a SAHM ... a Domestic Diva! I feel like this is what I should be doing ... tending to the house, the children ... the hubby! But I'll go ... hubby is so fearful that something will happen to him & I won't have any education to fall back on. I know he's right but I also look at it like this .. I have education under my belt now ... paralegal, fitness/nutrition certified, CNA certified ... all sounds good to me but he wants something more solid. CNA is a great job, well I should say rewarding but like hubby says, there's not much money to be made and if he isn't here I wouldn't be able to provide for me & the kids. I try to tell him I don't go through much money but he says I can't live like a hermit. I did while he was in Egypt ... I didn't see anything wrong with it. =} Oh well, I'll make him happy and go. Guess that's all for me today.


Dannelle said...

Take the offer of more education! I could have been a perennial
student given the opportunity. Something about classes that invigorates the mind and the soul- think of it as you time- Dannelle PS the kids will benefit too!

Lisa said...

Awwwww Emmi cute tag, I want to go back to school soon too eventually, Hugs Lisa

Jmoqueen said...

I would say it might do you some good, but with all those qualifications I'm not sure it would lol.........Just tell hubby there are plenty of jobs out there like working in a shop that doesn't need qualifications lol

Melissa said...

like the snag. thats nice that hubby is looking out for ur future

ADM DESIGN'S said...

That's good your husband is looking out for your future. Wonderful tag.

Chrissie said...

Well I'm glad he's thinking in the long term sense. School will be better once you're in it.
Take care, Chrissie

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