Monday, December 1, 2008

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Snag only please!!!
These were my Show me Whatcha Got contest entries ... I didn't win but I'm very happy with the 3 who did. There was just so much great talent that I had a very hard time picking my favorite. I ended up picking the first place winner but it was a hard pick between the top three and one other one ... it was a Marilyn Manroe one that was just gorgous ... they were all beautiful though!
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'll be back to add all the photos & details ... it was a blast even though it was just the 4 of us this year. We had so much fun that spending it together without the rest of the family may become a new family tradition. =D Hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving. Can you believe there's only 24 more days til Christmas? Are you done shopping? Thankfully I am ... I think honey is to. At least he better be because I already know what he got me. He will make me wait for the gifts but he likes for me to pick out exactly what I want so he doesn't flub it up & I end up taking it back. The only time he doesn't ask me for help is when it's jewelry ... I have so much jewelry that I actually asked him not to get me anymore for awhile ... a long while.
Job news ... last week honey earned a promotion. He'll be going from air field operations (GS7) to AIT Insturctor (GS9) ... big promotion! We're super excited. We have been wondering how long it will be before he gets to actually start his new job. We were thinking 2 weeks because of the pay cycles ... ={ We found out this morning it won't be until the 21st ... a Sunday? A whole month ... all because hubbies boss (even though she knew he applied for the job ... even after she knew he was referred ... even though she knew he was chosen) decided she would keep him around until the holiday break comes around because she doesn't want to have to change her vacation time around to look for another person to take his place. Isn't that some crap. She has known for well over a month that she would need someone new to take his place & then last week another worker gave his 2 weeks notice ... he's going over seas to work a contracting job. Oh well ... no use getting miffed at her not wanting to do her job in a timely manner, that's par for the course around here. At least we know he has a new job & by the first of the year his paycheck will reflect it. =D


Rose said...

You are very talented! Thank you for allowing snagging.

Love your Journal.

Hugs, Rose

Estela said...

Very nice tags..the only thing that could make them better (IMHO) is for them to be brunettes... lol

Missie said...

Great tags Emmi. Have a good week.

Maria said...

Congratulations on your husbands promotion. These are great news! I understand how excited you two must be. More money is always nice.
Too bad you have to wait another month, but, the new year will be here soon. Thanks for the tags. Hugs, Maria

Joan said...

Lovely tags you are very clever. Love Joan