Monday, December 8, 2008

MIA for a few

I'm finally not crying every second over giving up my Harley. I realized he must be being spoiled rotten since he is the only poochie the disabled man has. He can give him so much love ... chihuahua's really do need lots of attention.

Ok, so Friday afternoon my kids were playing on the back of our truck. My daughter went to jump off the back and her foot got caught causing her to fall off. She hit the ground and shrugged it off as she's tough. We went to the town parade & didn't think much of it until I noticed her really favoring her arm. I poked & proded until she finally confessed her arm was hurting her pretty bad.

So 9pm we were sitting in the ER. She got in really quick, they did an x-ray of her arm from elbow to wrist where she was complaining of pain. We were snooping & saw her file ... it showed a line of some sort around her elbow so we were thinking it was broke. A few minutes later the doc came in & said it wasn't broke but probably badly bruised. He gave us a name of a dr. to get referred to this morning and instructions for over the weekend.

This morning we call post to set up an appointment to find that we were given an off post doctor. Ok, whatever! As long as she has a doctor I don't care at this point. So hubby calls at 7:30 this morning to set an appointment ... the woman was rude and cut hubby off before he could say anything. She told him the office was closed call back at 8:30 when they opened. Well, he wasn't here to call so I made the call. The woman asked if daughter had ever been seen there before & I told her no. She says well we don't have anything open until the new year. I explained to her about the fall & her needing a referral for this orthopedic surgeon that the ER doctor put on her sheet. She very rudely says well he won't refer her because he's never seen her before so I don't know how we can help you. I said well I have a problem with the first of the year appointment because she's needing to see the ortho within 3-7 days ... I said waiting until the new year is ridiculous. She puts me on hold for about 30 sec then says well someone just canceled so I can get you in on the 11th. I asked why the ER would tell me an ortho within a week if it was gonna take them that long to see her just to refer her out. "Well your lucky you got what you did". She proceeded on in a nasty condescending voice of "if that's not good enough for you take her back to the ER & confer with them".

I took the appointment then called hubby. Oooooooh was ever so pissed. He went straight to post to let them know how we were treated ... we are all moved back on post & daughter has an appointment this afternoon for an ortho doc.

The doctor's office that was so rude is also being sent a nasty gram from our insurance provider cause they aren't permitted to treat military people in such a way. Turns out ... we weren't the first to complain about this office ... 1 more strike & NO military personnel can use them ... that means they lose a lot of money. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing major is wrong with her arm. Poor thing can't even lift her arm up to put a shirt on ... she's in a sling ... she's got an ice pack strapped to her ... she's on Tylonol ... of course she's milking it for all it's worth. She can't shower cause she can't wash herself ... she can't do her chores cause she only has one good arm. KIDS!!!

UPDATE: We got an orthopedic surgeon to see her this afternoon. He was a nice man ... we got in within 5 minutes of arriving. She didn't break it but there is a nice crack in her elbow bone ... it's not just badly bruised as the ER Doc. led us to believe. She had two choices ... be in a cast from bicep to finger tips or wear the sling & be very careful for 2 weeks. Of course she opted for the sling cause she has already been in a cast ... same arm ... same style & hated it. I'm hoping she sticks with being careful cause I want it to heal. I have to take her back in 2 weeks for more x-rays ... if it's doing fine she can get rid of the sling, if she isn't then it's in a cast for a couple of weeks. I really believe she is going to be careful cause riding starts back up the first of the year & she can't ride with a cast on.

So that was my day ... how did yours go?


Lisa said...

Awww Emmi, Sending you big hugs , I hope your daughter's arm will be ok, I fractured my ankle once before, Love You Lisa

Lisa said...

Emmi, I meant to add too I am so sorry you had to deal with such rude people !!!!!! Rude people suck !!!!!!, Love Ya Lisa

Melissa said...

sorry ur daughter hurt herself

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Goodness, I did read this in the group and really felt bad for your daugther and po'd. I cannot stand rude people, especially in custodmer service. That is uncalled for. Glad you got it taken care of today.

I know Harley is being spoiled rotten. HUGS

Allison said...

Well I hope she will be ok soon, glad you were able to get in and find out. I don't understand the rudeness. One would think if you are in that profession you would be a lot more caring for people. Hope you have a happier tomorrow. Luv ya!

Missie said...

Your poor daughter! I hopw her arm heals quickly.

Sweetnessk71 said...

Poor kid .. hope she feels better soon..take care


D said...

hope your daughter is doing good... sometimes the xray doesn't show things right away because of swelling etc. Keeping you in good thoughts and sending good vibes.

Sugar said...

glad it wasn't more serious.
hope she's VERY careful & wears the sling like she's supposed to.
a prayer for her to heal quickly & completely.
shame on that drs office for being so rude!

Terri said...

Hope everything goes well with your daughter wearing the sling and it heals nicely.

OMG@ that rude Dr's office..I would have been fuming mad...I probably would have been rude right back...but thats just me..LOL


Maria said...

What an ordeal.
Not the first time I hear about rude Dr. offices. Been there too. Glad to hear your husband took care of business.
So sorry to hear about your little daughter. Hope her arm will heal well and completely. Go spoil her :)
Hugs, Maria

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmi...thanks for the roller coaster ride mind was rushing around trying to figure out how to help you out LOLOL..and glad all is going well..and puppy has a happy home..maybe the undivided attention will help him and his marking???!!! and do hope the little one's arm is better..casts are ok...but can be a bummer...God Bless...hugs...Ora

Teresa said...

I really hope your daughters arm feels better soon! and I really hope that your stress level from it happening has lessened too. As far as the rude Doctor's Office? Forget about telling the idiot off on the phone (she could hang up) I'd take my butt up there and give her what for and THEN tell them that you are reporting them to the Medical Board etc. They'd love that. Blessings* Teresa

Chrissie said...

Oh my goodness so happy you all got her in and found out what was wrong. Poor thing. I know she's milking it, but still. Hope it all heals fast so she can ride again next year and no casts.
Take care, Chrissie

Joyce said...

Dispite the bad treatment by the doctor's office, I'm glad you got her in to see someone sooner. Now, hold her down for 2 weeks. lol
Hugs, Joyce