Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy Daisy Day


This tag was made using Rion Vernon art. I just love this artist! This is just a snag so feel free to take it and add your name or others names to it. The only thing that I ask of you in return is that you please not claim my work as your.

Ok ... so with this new space I will add some of my own personal stuff here to. Mostly because I'm to lazy to start another blog but also I have a pretty boring life. he he he I may change my mind later down the road but for now I will only have one home. Today was like most days around here ... getting up & preparing to teach the kids. I wish all days were as easy as today. Why is it some days kids just get what your teaching and other days they just have one big brain fart?

DH works late so he sleeps through a portion of their school time. It's a perfect set up cause he likes to watch TV or play video games to pass the time away. He hasn't been able to play video games lately cause somehow the chip in the xbox 360 went bad. We sent it in to the company ... thank goodness we always buy warrenties ... anyway, I guess it was something that they couldn't fix because tonight we received a brand new one. Son was on cloud 9 of course. Oddly enough ... they didn't play much on it once it was all set up. They only wanted to be outside socializing with all the neighborhood kids. WOW, they really do up to quickly.

Well, I suppose that's all for tonight. I think I'm gonna go catch up on some shows that I recorded and then turn in for the night. Have a great one ... looking forward to reuniting with all my favorite bloggers.

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Welcome! Have you checked me out yet.