Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AOL Sucks!!!

So AOL has finally enlightened their members to the fact that they are closing down our journals at the end of the month. What a CROCK!!!??? Oh well, it's not like we can change their minds ... from what I understand in the next week or so AOL will help us migrate over to here. I'm not waiting for them, I'm here now!

It might take me a bit to figure this site out so please bear with me.

Now a bit about me for those of you who don't know me. I'm a PSP (paint shop pro) junkie & I love to share my work with others and that's what you will find here. Everything is snagable and sometimes I will even tag things for you. =D

This is my first snaggable offer on blogger. The only rule that I have is that you do not claim my work as your own.



Joyce said...

OK... I'm here and I am a follower. Are we having fun yet?
Hugs, Joyce

Emmi said...

I think what I don't like about blogger is I don't know when people leave me comments unless I visit my site. =(

Dannelle said...

sure is a lot of change today. I'm tired of moving! It's easier but harder too over here. Like leaving comments- Verify,choose identify etc. Oh well, I'm going to do it anyway!

Dannelle said...

Can we IM? Never been into it much but always a first time- just a thought

Sharon said...

Cute graphic as always....I'm here with ya. You can change some elements and add alerts - I just found them.

Chrissie said...

I'm here Emmi and that tag is very sweet. Glad you will be continuing on. I will say I don't like my new home :-(.

Indigo said...

What a perfect lead in to the first entry...AOL definitely does suck. Glad to see you here hon! (Hugs)Indigo

TerryAnn said...

I will be heading over soon too...LOL glad to see you have somewhere I can find you...have a great week..see you in the mail! TerryAnn

Chris said...

Hi Emmi, you knew I would follow you, for sure. You and Shelly are my favorite taggers. LOL...you taught me soooo much when we were struggling newbiew in LILA.

Now, how the heck to add or get followers? Oy, I'm a lost old bat.
Love ya, Chris

D said...

catching up ... or trying.... gotcha

Miss Slick One said...

Hi hunny :)

april(freemansixpack) said...

Im here too.lol yeah AOL gets dumber by the year :( Good to see you picked up and found a new home...it's cute I like it.lol
Not sure if I'll blog here,Im using my myspace to blog for now


Miss Slick One said...

By the way, you can change your settings to 'Alert Me When SOmeone Leaves Me A Comment', or whatever it says LOL I get an email when people leave a message or Follow Me.

Londonpussycat said...

Hi Emmi

Well I am here....lol

I am trying to work out how i will know when you leave a comment.

I can see the email follow up comments ( maybe thats the box that you need ).... but i dont want to receieve everyones comments into my mail box.....its forever full with all my other mail.... if anyone knows how to just receive Emmi's posts could they let me know
Hugs Jayne

Rose* said...

Rose here from Vancouver - just finished creating a space over here at Blogger, and I'm NOT happy. I am finding the fonts so tiny. You can change this in your settings, but I see that many haven't. I love your creations and will "follow". Jeesh! Can't they just call us "Friends"?
Always, Rose~* ("Life After Fifty")
My link to blogger:
Please note the HYPHEN between my name, as another person from Germany had my other name. ::SIGH::

Missie said...

I think we'll like it much better here!