Friday, January 9, 2009

Where was I?

OMG, I didn't even realize I hadn't posted since Tuesday. Where did the time go? Good question. I guess I got into a new trilogy by Nora Roberts & I am having a hard time dragging myself out of the books. I started them on Tuesday afternoon ... finshed the first book, I'll easily finish book two before lunch & then start on book 3 probably right after lunch. It's the Blood Brothers trilogy ... very good if you like magikal books (which I do).

Anyway, yesterday was the twins birthday so I'll have to make up a little slide show so I can share how much they have grown. The theme was Thomas the Tank but I forget to get a picture of the cake. Maybe SIL got one & will share! I didn't have to deal with my brothers moodiness cause like always he wasn't even home. I could say that 2pm in the afternoon he would be working but the truth of it was he was at my brothers house getting his drink on. It pisses me off ... he could have been at home with his boys showing them how much he loved them but no instead he leaves his MIL to tend to the boys. My SIL was at work making a living. I bought the boys the same thing just different colors ... they got a rig that held a car, a sippy cup, and footie pj's. The grandma thanked me bunches for thinking of pj's. She said they didn't have any! I got them the really nice fleece footies ... my kids always loved them. Now I'm thinking I should have gotten 2 sets for each. But then my brother would have just thrown a big hissie fit telling me I don't need to be buying his kids anything cause he can take care of them himself. He's such an ars! Anytime I buy them something when it's not Christmas or their birthday he freaks out on me & says he thinks I'm taking pity on him. Ummm, I love his boys ... that's an auties job! Am I wrong? Aren't aunts supposed to spoil nieces & nephews? I mean my gosh ... I don't say anything when my brothers hand my kids 5, 10, 20 bucks here & there for no good reason. Oh well, I can't understand my brother, I probably never will.

Not doing much of anything tonight ... hubby is sick. I think he's got the flu or something. I was scared to sleep with him last night cause he was either keeping me burning up with his high temp body of coughing on my neck making me think I'm gonna get sick. I can't afford to get sick. Tomorrow is the movie our church is putting on. I'm so excited to see it ... Fireproof. Anyone seen it yet? One lady in church said it's an amazing and powerful. A movie that all married couples should see together. Tomorrow's viewing of the movie is just for the church & then Sunday we are putting on two shows for the community. It's free!! Plus we're passing out free soda & popcorn. I think it's so awesome & I hope there's a HUGE turn out.

I guess that's all for me. Have a blessed weekend.


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I am the first to comment here.LOL.An Auntie should spoil there NEice or Nephew,thats what I do,and I dont get paid much,but,I always give them something.And they love me.It makes me feel good and I am sure it does for you.I hope Hubbie feels better soon.Hope you had a good Christmas and a good New Years.

Linda said...

Sorry you hubby is sick I hope he feels better soon. Happy Bday to the twins, I can't wait to see the pics. Linda

Lisa said...

Emmi, ca'nt wait to see the twin's pics, Hope hubby feels better , I updated my CSI journal yesterday, Love Ya Lisa

Missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear your husband is sick, hope he is better soon. Happy Birthday to the twins.

Melissa said...

thats nice what u did for the boys

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Happy Birthday to the twins! Hope hubby feels better. I don't know but this winter is just kicking my butt for anything that takes any motivation. Have a great weekend! HUGS

Terri said...

Yep..we Auntie's are suppose to spoil our nieces and nephews all we want with no

I bet the twins loved their gifts...glad the grandma was appreciative.

Hope your hubby feels better soon and you don't get it...let us know how Fireproof is...I can't wait to see it


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